Find the fitness that suits your sign, get your UPSIDE on and let Astrology guide your summer workout vibe.

Ruled by Mars (the Planet of Roid Rage), the Ram is all hard-charging fire and head-butting hotheadedness. It needs and loves lots of action, both to satisfy its nature, and to balance it out. While most of the other exercises on this list are very low-key and New Age, Aries requires something more Bronze Age, or reminiscent of the field of battle. Kickboxing is the perfect workout here: martial, high energy, high impact. Pseudo-warrior vibes. Get your frustrations out and your heart rate up.


The Bull, paragon of steadiness, is a fixed earth sign that favors the long-haul over the short-term. While any low-impact, high-endurance exercise aligns with the Bull’s nature, Slow Flow Yoga might be an especially fruitful option. Taking its cue, in part, from Vinyasa Yoga, with its fluid transitions between poses, Slow Flow Yoga drops the BPM, so to speak, so you can work through each series at an unhurried rhythm for gradual strength conditioning and flexibility.


The Twins are ruled by Mercury, the fastest moving planet in the Zodiac. Gemini is also a mutable air sign, which again suggests a need for speed, voltage, movement, and quickness, especially when it comes to an appropriate exercise. Intense, 30 minute, cardio-blasting Spin classes align seamlessly with Gemini’s high octane and group-oriented nature. Plus, given Gemini’s gift for gab, Spin can also become a post-workout site for social networking. Win-win.


The Crab loves to stay in its shell at home, so its corresponding exercise should be solitary–no venturing off to some raucous gym or hot yoga studio for this one. Being a Cardinal water sign, Cancer’s exercise routine shouldn’t even really be land-based either. Far better for the Crab to be in water, swimming laps alone in lanes by moonlight. Of course, since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, nightswimming provides not just the optimal workout for the Crab but also the best time to do it: evening. If it’s too cold for laps, go with Yin Yoga instead. Yin focuses on emotional release–which is fitting for Cancer, notoriously in its feelings.


Ruled by the glorious Sun, Leo is a fixed fire sign. It’s social and charismatic, as well, which makes Hot Yoga a perfect option for the Cat. Hot Yoga, for better or worse, turns up the heat on traditional yoga asanas, and it does so in a group setting, creating an environment that feels, at times, more like a rock show than a spiritual pursuit. In other words, it’s the kind of context that satisfies Leo’s love of fixity (the poses are all about being held), fire (the room temperature is jacked up to 38 degrees celsius), and sociality or being together. Leo also loves to show off–so the better you get with holding your poses, the more you can shine (which, of course, isn’t the point of Yoga, but….it could be an extra perk for your sign in particular).


As a mutable earth sign, Virgo needs a little bit of movement and a lot of heavy duty routine. Pilates gives both. It’s slower paced, but involves movement in structured environments–catnip to a Virgo. Another important consideration: Virgo’s ruling planet, Mercury, governs over the lower abdomen, according to medical astrology. With its emphasis on developing core strength, Pilates can help activate a cosmic alignment between Mercury, Virgo, and your body.


The nature of the Scales is always to seek the balance of just measure–emotionally and physically–so Libra needs an exercise that will leave them feeling even-keel rather than pumped up, drained, jacked, or jazzercised. Libra is also a social sign–but more in the sense of requiring a partner to complement them. Partner yoga, which is kind of like the synchronized swimming of the Yoga World, requires that you work with someone else to complete  poses. It’s made for Libra.


Scorpio has one of the most complex natures on the Zodiac. Its ruling planet, caffeinated Mars, loves charging forward, but Scoprio energy is fixed. Mars is fire, Scorpio water. Think of Scorpio, then, as a kind of black cauldron–boiling in one place, full of magic and spells, glowing, hot, mysterious. In medical astrology, Scorpio also rules over the loins and sex organs, so it needs an exercise that channels, releases, and gives movement to all its occult energies. Kundalini Yoga is a fantastic match for this sign. It’s all about connecting and directing sacral energy upward from the base of spine and reproductive organs (Scorpio’s domain) to the crown Chakra for maximum mind-body connection and health.


The Archer is a mutable fire sign, meaning it tends not to be down with quiet Yoga sessions accompanied by ambient, waterfall music. Competition–either with themselves or with others–drives the Sagittarius nature, as does variety (Sadge is always looking for new thrills). Crossfit, which involves hardcore personal improvement and constantly changing exercises, was probably invented by a Sagittarius for a Sagittarius. Sign up, Sadge.


Capricorn’s nature is neatly encapsulated by the image of the goat climbing alone to the top of some mountain peak–step by step, little by little. Your ruling planet, Saturn, the time-keeper of the Zodiac, adds another layer to Cap’s nature: this is a sign about time and longevity. As such, long distance running offers a great exercise option for the Goat. Aside from jogging, distance training involves planning, calculating, incremental improvement, and timing oneself for personal bests: all very Capricorn.


The Waterbearer is known for loving all things new, innovative, technological, and forward thinking, so any faddish workout routine tends to pique the interest of Aquarius. But rather than go down the route of a mumbo jumbo regimen, why not try virtual fitness training instead? It’s technological and trending. It also jibes with Aquarius’ renowned love for being aloof or remote. So go virtual and futural, but keep your workouts classic. Aquarius rules the circulatory system. Set up some aerobics routines with a virtual trainer to get your system circulating.


The Fishes are the sign of mutable water, just like the ever-changing surf at Bondi. Getting on a board at dawn fits your flowing nature like a wetsuit. If surfing seems too heavy duty, try to be near the waves in some capacity. You are ruled, after all, by Neptune, the Sea-God, so the ocean’s presence both calms and invigorates your sign. Jogging along the shoreline is another good exercise that will have you feeling oceanic and connected to your higher cosmic essence.