With Chrisanthi Kaliviotis

Beauty trends may come and go, but our fixation with beauty is forever. Never have we been more obsessed with what we put on our skin, comb through our hair — even eat — in the name of beautifying ourselves. And to do so, we lean on trends to guide us, particularly when it comes to new innovations and science.

While it’s near impossible to predict the year ahead (the last two years have emphatically communicated that!), we can be slightly more prophetic when it comes to skincare, hair and wellness. Here, some of the most exciting things to come out of the ever-evolving beauty landscape for 2022.

01. SKIN


The beauty industry has undoubtedly undergone a skinification of sorts: we became — and remain — obsessed with all things skincare. Having great skin was the trump card of 2020 and 2021, as the focus shifted from the makeup-heavy, Instagram-ready faces of years prior to glowing guises that showcased real, healthy skin. Skinimalism was a huge trend in 2021, and 2022 sees this stripped-back approach to skincare carry forth with gusto. As the world grows increasingly weary with yet another year of you-know-who, the less-is-more approach is set to solidify in 2022 as we seek to simplify our lives — and our skincare routines — even more so.


Skin health, including long-term skincare programs with quality formulations instead of overhyped ingredients, will also be at the forefront this year, along with new innovations in skin tech, which, much like 2021, becomes even more accessible at home, with a surplus of new clinical-grade at-home treatments like LED, micro-needling and micro-current tools.

On the ingredient front, it’s all about next-gen derivatives that outperform their preceding, and clearly passé counterparts. Retinoids, of course, have been all the rage, but 2022 delivers something new for the Retinol lovers, Retinaldehyde: a more potent, less irritating, anti-bacterial form of Vitamin A set to stir the skincare pot.

And, of course, SPF and skin protection continue their crusade as the no.1 skincare products to own, as the narrative of UV damage, blue light, pollution, germs and bacteria is bolstered in 2022. We no longer just want results, we want protection, too.

02. HAIR


Lockdowns meant we all became reacquainted with regrowth, and while it was a tough hair pill to swallow, it has actually prompted a shift in the way we approach hair colour, including embracing grey.

“A lot of people are now pushing past that ‘awkward’ stage that normally prompts you to come back to the salon every 4 – 5 weeks. We have had a lot of clients ready to transition to embrace their natural greys and we love it,” says Monique McMahon, colour educator and founder of QUE Colour in Sydney. “What’s trending right now is bringing out those grey temple areas and using colour in scattered foils for the rest of the hair. It’s all about using colour to enhance your grey or soften

While all-time arbitrator of what’s trending, TikTok, put hairlines front and centre (literally), with lightness around the face a big trend in hair. “An important note here is that this contrast in lightness is different on the screen to real life, so we always opt for a more subtle change first that can then be built on,” adds McMahon.

And akin to the less-is-more skin movement, air drying is the next big thing for easy, breezy hair that embraces natural texture. Just arm yourself with the right, natural-origin, leave-in products like Christophe Robin Luscious Curls Defining Cream and ANTI Everything Cream and away you go.



Our love of beauty ingestibles and supplements will not wane this year, as wellness brands seek to amplify their current collagen powders and pigment- fighting capsules with even more innovation. But our wellness routines are set to become even more holistic, as we attempt to reconcile all parts of our lives more mindfully (not just a quick sachet-in- the-coffee situation). While plant-based eating is by no means a new thing, 2022 will see a rise in less restrictive plant-based diets, ushering in eating styles such as flexitarianism and reducetarian; the former, a flexible approach to vegetarianism, while the latter is a commitment to less meat, dairy and eggs. There’s also the climatarian diet, which focuses on plant- based, seasonal and locally sourced produce that reduces carbon emissions.

While menstruation also becomes more mindful — and sustainable. Breaking free of the stigma which has long plagued it, knowledge and transparency around menstrual health is gaining even more groundswell, as female-led companies and platforms continue to pioneer an innovative, eco-friendly space for menstrual care, including period underwear and reusable pads.

Our desire for a simpler, slower life also continues — and this includes our approach to fitness. Low impact exercise continues to trump high intensity workouts as another buzzy word emerges: flexercise, which encourages mellow ways to move your body. According to Pinterest’s annual trends report, ‘floating aesthetic’, ‘lazy workout in bed’, ‘daily stretching routine’ and ‘simple dance moves’ came out on top for wellness searches for this year. And don’t forget the humble walk. For many, walking was our salve in lockdown, and walking continues to be the most popular physical activity in the world — so get set to walk into 2022.