With Clarisse Monohan


One of our best cosmic friends, generous Jupiter, the Santa Claus of the Zodiac, has been in a lonely astrological place the past couple years (stuck in conservative Capricorn and icy Aquarius, respectively). But now it is coming home to oceanic Pisces at year’s end and we will all be benefiting from this beachy, one year transit: think Spring Break after intense exams at University.

While Jupiter works particularly well with Pisces and Sagittarius, both of which are Jupiter-ruled, its general role in the Zodiac is to make things bigger and better, regardless of your sign. Let’s look at how the most expansive, but also the most excessive planet is going to impact this year, starting December 28th 2021.


Jupiter will be residing in your sector of the Unconscious, Hidden Enemies, and Hidden Talents for the first half of 2022. One effect of benefic Jupiter’s placement here is that it wards off adversaries, uncongenial neighbors, and other such bad vibes. Beecause Jupiter’s function is to expand, this could also be a year of discovering hidden talents or interests to enrich your life, both spiritually and financially. Your nature tends toward action–always into something, always moving forward. Contemplation and repose are not your strong points. But Jupiter in your Unconscious sector has an introspective valence. It will influence you to discover and develop aspects of yourself left dormant by your more extroverted nature.


With Jupiter in your Friendship and Social Networking sector expect more compassion toward those in your crew (Pisces+Jupiter) but also do not be surprised to find your circle of friends expanding (Jupiter). Consider, too, Jupiter is known to generate luck or unexpected fortune. In your Friendship and Social Networking sector, this placement could therefore suggest benefiting professionally in some way through new people you meet. One caveat: beware this Jupiter-in-Pisces transit not to give too much emotional energy to friends. Pisces isn’t good with boundaries especially with Jupiter around. Make sure to keep time to yourself, lest it be all spent processing the drama of your BFFs.


The planet of luck and expansion is energising your Career and Professional sector for the first half of the year, betokening increased professional recognition and reputation. In other words, this is a great time to be focused on work–no more breezy, laissez-faire Gemini vibes. Indeed it’s your nature to get excited about a lot of things but then lose interest. Such an approach to career with Jupiter around won’t necessarily pay dividends. Of all the signs, you are the most gracefully eloquent. If you put your money where your mouth is, your mouth will make you more money this Jupiter transit.


Jupiter is exalted in your sign, meaning that the Luck-giver loves to bequeath a little extra magic to you, especially when it is at home in watery Pisces. It will be energizing your Travel sector, thereby expanding your horizons, both literally (trips and journeys, sojourns and pilgrimages) and figuratively (a yen for learning and knowledge). In essence, Jupiter in your Travel sector increases forms of cultural capital: more books, film, art, distant cities. Do not be surprised by heightened emotional responses to things you learn about and see on travels. Cancer and Pisces are highly sympathetic signs, both made more sensitive by Jupiter’s presence.


For the first half of the year Jupiter is camping out in your Transformation sector, a wildcard zone in one’s chart which deals with a range of seemingly unrelated items: sex, death, debt, shared finances, the occult. Because Jupiter can tend toward excess, Leo really must watch out for spending too much and thereby enlarging or falling into debt in 2022. Conversely, Jupiter can work the other way in the Transformation sector, granting largesse and bounty in the form of inheritances or shared finances. The bottom line, Big Cat, is that you have a big year of metamorphosis ahead with this transit. Your nature relishes the thrills of theatricality, so these upcoming outsized Jupiterian transformations will only enrich the dramatic ironies in the one-man play that is Leo.


Jupiter transits your Partnerships sector for the first half of 2022, meaning that if you’re in a marriage, expect an influx of more financial and emotional generosity. If you’re not married, this transit could suggest meeting someone for a long term relationship. And if you’re in a long-term relationship that isn’t so full of life, Jupiter can also have an absolving effect on it, or a “blessing in disguise” energy that ends funky connections. The same thing goes for Business partnerships: the potential for more financial success or meeting someone to expand a business venture are both indications of Jupiter in this sector of your chart. Because your Virgo nature tends toward the needs of others in relationships, Jupiter in caring Pisces could also deepen or enlarge these capacities for you with your partner.


With Jupiter pumping up your Health and Diet sector in 2022, you might want to stay true to your balanced Libra nature and not tip the Scales too much toward excess. Left unchecked, Jupiter loves nothing more than to indulge on the beach with a few bottles of wine and cheese plates aplenty. This means you could be tempted by an overly decadent diet and the pleasures of not working out. A Libra-balanced Jupiter, however, will express itself by expanding good health, diet, and workout routines. It’s up to you how you want to rock Jupiter’s placement in your Health sector. Maybe you need a few months of relaxing, watching “Cheers” reruns, and eating burritos? There’s no shame in that game. Sounds pretty good actually. Pretty, pretty good.


You’re lucky, Scorpio. You got cool Uncle Jupiter jamming in your Creativity and Fun sector. If you fancy yourself an artist, this is the time to paint (or do some abstract video installation about “surveillance” or whatever constitutes art these days). If you fancy yourself a poet, Jupiter will plump up your verse (if poets write verses at all anymore). If you fancy yourself a musician, expect to create spiralling, lysergic arpeggios from your laptop or synth or guitar. And if you’re just someone who likes to surf and max out, Jupiter in your Fun sector will make waves. As fixed water, your nature is to get deep into things–perhaps, at times, obsessively. But your lesson with expansive Jupiter in the picture is to broaden your creative vision. Think telescope, not microscope.


You and Pisces are Jupiter-ruled, meaning you’re like favored children in the eyes of the Luck-giver. While a parent won’t admit it publicly, we all know which child gets more of the crispy bits of ham at Christmas dinner. Enjoy the extra bits this first half of the year, as Jupiter transits your Home sector, a wonderful placement that indicates the enlargement of all hearth-related matters. Moving into a larger place is a classic example of Jupiter in the Home sector. Another would be adding to a home (building an extension, having a child).


Your nature tends to be more conservative, and that includes your communication skills. Indeed, you measure words like gold coins and only outlay them sparingly. With expansive Jupiter transiting your Communication sector for the first part of 2022, expect to be more vocal. If you find yourself talking with the waiter about where he, she, or they went to University, let it flow. Talking and communicating in a lowkey way could be ultimately advantageous to your commercial interests. Your Communication sector also deals with short travel. Jupiter’s presence suggests, therefore, more frequent trips to start the year.


Because Jupiter’s nature is to expand what it comes into contact with, it’s definitely helpful to have the Luck-giver transiting your Money sector for the first part of 2022. Such a placement suggests increased finances and earnings–and this is obviously a positive indication. But Jupiter is also known for its generosity and giving, meaning that it teaches us to go beyond merely taking things. Giving money or time to a cause bigger than yourself is very much in line with Jupiter energy and your own nature (which tends to prefer abstract entities like Humanity over the more personal ones with Humans). Volunteer for something worthwhile.


After a year in cold Aquarius, Jupiter will love nothing more than hanging out with you and your watery nature in 2022. You are compassionate, sensitive, emotional, and healing–and these qualities will be enlarged not just in your own life, but also prismatically for the rest of the signs with Jupiter finally at home. The caution with Jupiter in the Fishes is that there is nothing to check your ruling planet’s exuberance. You both love boundlessness and this can lead to excess. You can become, therefore, too giving, too compassionate, too emotional. But, after the brutal last couple years, that sounds like one of those good problems. Think about boundaries–but also be prepared to break them. We need more Pisces energy in the world right now.