25 JUNE 2021

The Capricorn full moon arrives with the clarity of cut glass and without eclipsing, concluding that mad season. Ish. Her unrelenting spotlight casts stark moon shadows that outline in sharp relief the lie of the landscape, irrevocably altered.


There lie old limits, broken fences, rusty gates. Flimsy boundaries flapping in the wind like red flags. New heights to scale, dizzying and daring you. The overture of change and the underscore of resistance vying for line honours, as the world plants its feet back on the ground and lifts its head to the sky.


Support systems come into focus, from the inside out. Pragmatic self care – or its dark aversion – is barometer of worth and willingness to mature. Our structural integrity may be tested, as we adjust ourselves to the transformation of a crackling Gemini season. Test our weight out on new ledges and bank on the fresh foundations we have set in stone.


Capricorn dancing can be a sombre affair but not without merit. Discipline is its love language with a crush on the good work of your life. Ambition is drive married to desire that can commit to a plan. Personal responsibility is now elevated to an high art that proves power. Boundaries are the warm embrace that hold you secure, safe from the madding crowd.


The tide is rising. This blazing night drag long shards of moonlight through the fibres of your being. Clear the decks. Put down the heavy weight of change. Open wide to the bright sky. Rinse and repeat.


Crystal: Moss Agate

Flower: Carnation

Spirit Animal: Nurbian Goat

Look: Sharp and sleek

Ritual: Spells to clean and clear


Bohomofo is an Australian writer and astrologer who blogs daily her Astro for the New World. You can join Bohomofo online for regular full and dark moon events that include the astrological inside running, ritual, meditation and storytelling. Bohomofo hosts The Coven Electric for the witch-curious and works by day as a tarot reader and shadow guide. Discover her magic on Insta here or at www.bohomofo.com