Eclipse Season Horoscope

Some days are bigger than others. Astrologically speaking, September 22nd is one of them. This year, three cosmic events convene on this date. The first two (the Equinox and the start of Libra) will likely be somewhat familiar to us—the third (Eclipse Season), perhaps less so. As we move into the final quarter of 2023, let’s look a bit more closely at what’s happening with these various celestial motions to see what they portend.

First, Libra season begins and lasts a month. Ruled by Venus, Libra is associated with harmony and beauty. Its symbol is the Scales–so it also has something to do with justice and fairness. Given all this, maybe “balance” designates the keyword for all things Libra. Beauty depends on balancing elements of a composition to create a harmonious whole. Justice, likewise, requires balance in one’s consideration of arguments, evidence, and viewpoints.

To really align with the Scales, then, think about your life and try to make just one (not many) behavioural adjustment around a Libra theme. That could mean something like more yoga (to create physical balance through its postures). Or it could mean learning to listen more during conversations, so that equal weight is given to all who are speaking. Or it could mean getting out to see more art or other such practices to surround yourself with beauty (art museums, concert halls, nature). Small changes lead to bigger ones.

Our second astro-event pertains to the Equinox (meaning “equal night”). The Equinox occurs as the Sun crosses the celestial equator. When this happens, daylight and nighttime are perfectly balanced for one day. Symbolically, the Equinox marks a transition from the extremes of Summer or Winter (depending on your hemisphere). For those of the North: a time for reflection. For those in Australia: action.

This year, September 22nd also announces the beginning of Eclipse season, which will be taking place in Libra and Aries over the next year or so. These seasons, during which solar and lunar eclipses alternate between two opposing signs, involve intensified disruption and change, depending on where these transits will be hitting your chart.

In what follows, therefore, we thought it helpful to offer a brief horoscope for the final quarter of the year., with particular emphasis on the Libra Solar Eclipse on October 14th, the astrological aftermath of which could last many weeks. A solar eclipse occurs when the New Moon blots out the Sun, creating a supercharged astrological moment in our lives. Read below to see where your sign will be impacted.


The Libra Solar Eclipse in your Relationship sector is asking you to rethink partnerships in general—indeed, this part of the chart isn’t necessarily just about love and romance. Maybe you need a little break from the co-founder of your brand to bring balance to your life? Or maybe you need to find a gym-buddy to stay focused there. These are the kinds of changes to make to bring harmony to this sector of your chart.


With the Libra Solar Eclipse activating your Health and Diet sector, focus on achieving harmony through a balanced set of dietary choices. But in order to achieve this, you may need to disrupt a routine or two. As a fixed earth sign, you can get too settled in your ways. Eclipses ask us to get unsettled instead. You needn’t go full hog on your diet— maybe just cut hog from it instead.


Your Romance sector gets energised by the Libra Solar Eclipse, so this lunation is about bringing balance through a fresh approach to fun, dating, and recreation. Maybe nights out at the tavern are getting, like the beer there, a bit stale. Switch to champagne at the Ritz instead? Or maybe a health juice sans spirits? The idea here: adjust your romantic life to the Stars by finding a new watering hole.


The Libra Solar Eclipse impacts your Home zone—a part of the chart aligned to your Cancerian nature. Libra seeks balance, but an eclipse tends to cause change. The task, accordingly: bring a fresh sense of order, symmetry, and beauty to the home that isn’t too revolutionary. This transit could also involve new living arrangements altogether—an untidy roommate decides to move in with a partner. Or you decide to move in with yours.


With the Libra Solar Eclipse activating your Communication zone, it’s time for a slightly different approach to the storybook of your life. Your sign is ruled by the Sun—and, accordingly, you tend to think the universe revolves around you. As such, your communication style can consist of many dramatic monologues. But Libra is the dialogue sign. And with the Libra New Moon eclipsing your Sun, allow others to offer some choice one-liners in your script, too.


With the Libra Solar Eclipse impacting your Money zone, this is a strong lunation to think about finances. Your nature is precise and orderly. Perhaps overly so. So, for you, a balanced budget may be par for the course. Eclipses are for getting out of these types of routines, however. It could be that you need to bring balance to your life by spending more, rather than less; investing rather than saving; being somewhat devil-may-care with your funds for a bit.


The Libra Solar Eclipse will energise your zone of Ego and Identity. Of all the signs, therefore, this transit will be impacting you most. While your nature is known for diplomacy and tending to other people’s needs, place more weight on your conviction and desires over the next few weeks. For you, this transit indicates a time to restore balance to self/other relations by focusing on you, not them.


With the Libra Solar Eclipse transiting your zone of Hidden Enemies and Secrets, this could be a moment of justice, clarification, and rapprochement. This part of the chart is murky and difficult. It is ruled over by bleak Saturn and has to do with feelings of confinement. Libra, however, deals with liberation, and a powerful, disrupting eclipse here could unshackle you from grievances in need of rehabilitation rather than more hard time.


The Libra Solar Eclipse supercharges your Friendship zone, so bring balance, peace, and harmony to this area of your life by figuring the desires of BFFs into your emotional calculus. As one of the most extroverted signs, you can be the life of the party, all the time. More power to you. But eclipses seek change. Let others shine and bask in their light a bit.


With the Libra Solar Eclipse transiting your Career zone, think Work/Life balance. But only you can assess where you need to put the weight to achieve the just measure. Judging from your work-oriented Capricorn nature, you likely are spending more time in the office, on the laptop, or with colleagues. If so, carve out space for friends and family. But the opposite holds true: if you’re in a leisurely frame of mind, perhaps it’s time to restore balance with more grind.


Your Travel zone will be activated during this Libra Solar Eclipse. But this part of the chart can also refer to journeys of the mind through knowledge or education. The “Prison Project Podcast”on criminal justice reform is very much in line with this transit. Tawdry true crime docs–not so much. For you, this eclipse augurs elevated content for self-improvement.


The Libra Solar Eclipse impacts your Intimacy zone (fantasies, shared finances, and sex). On a deeper level, this part of the chart has to do with sharing, merging, coming together as one–all of which mesh with your mutable, watery nature.