Overlooking rest for your skin?

FENN, founders Clare and Nicole talk to us about how rest is a learnt skill and more than just “sleep”.

In today’s culture it can be hard to factor in genuine rest as everything seems to be constant, there is a strong focus on productivity and unfortunately, we are all never far from a device that connects us to this. Which is why we need to relearn how to rest; our minds, our bodies, our hearts.

A recent article from TED TALK's 'how to be a better human' series outlines the 7 types of rest every person needs…..

Physical, Mental, Sensory, Creative, Emotional, Social, Spiritual.

Not to add to your to do list, but it’s worth thinking about how you provide your body and mind with time to recharge from the above list?

As the article says, “sleep alone can’t restore us to the point we feel truly rested.”

So, it’s time for us to begin focusing on getting the right type of rest we need and this will also in turn help us achieve optimal skin health by giving skin a chance to repair and regenerate itself.