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Since the early 1960s, kinesiology has melded science and the spiritual into a unique, non-invasive modality that uses gentle muscle testing to retrieve information. Kinesiology is all about balance; ensuring our biological, chemical and emotional areas are aligned and in sync.

Combining Eastern spiritual medicine and Western anatomy, kinesiology is founded on the principle that your body already knows what it takes to be healthy. Bypassing the conscious mind to locate imbalances buried in your subconscious, allows your body to do the talking.

THE UPSIDE sat down with Harriet Williams a trained healer and kinesiologist to learn the benefits of this method of healing;

What is something everyone should know about you?

That I live a very balanced lifestyle, in that I give my all to being of service or selfless and I also make time to be selfish and nourish my own needs. I think it’s important in life to try and fulfil all the different aspects of ourselves, because not one person is one thing. Life is about living colourfully and expressively to the greatest degree.


What is your star sign?

A Libran lady, through & through —— beauty, love, justice and people


What was it about kinesiology that first drew your attention?

As a young girl, I struggled hugely with insecurity, self doubt and all the usual triggers young people go through. A lot of my self worth was attached to how I looked or how people perceived me and I ended up being  extremely hard on myself, which showed up in different ways. Kinesiology was the only modality of healing that helped me to evolve, learn and love who and how I am.. ultimately letting go of these outdated patterns.

I’m also a highly sensitive and intuitive person, I was always going to find my way here.



Can you describe to us in your words how it works ?

In short, we use muscle testing to gather information about an individual from an emotional, biochemical and physical aspect. We use a myriad of different techniques to release and balance old energy or patterns creating blockages in one’s life. Ultimately we are balancing all aspects of the body to cultivate “homeostasis”, where the body is at equilibrium and in prime condition to heal itself.


Was healing something that always interested you ?

YUP. I think sensitivity lends to an interest in healing. I was always so empathetic of others and genuinely cared about people even from a young age. Also, I think I always saw the sparkle in life and thought there must be more. In lots of healing work there is so much growth, impact and magic that you don’t see in everyday life. I feel very blessed.


What kinds of health and imbalance issues does kinesiology help work through? 

I work with anyone and anything. It really depends upon the client and what your body wants to release or work through. I particularly love working with woman who are coming of age because I’ve been there; however there is no discrimination in this field. I work with anxiety, depression, allergies, detox processes, addiction, viral & bacterial imbalance, generation trauma; you name it. You’ll also find, the issues  you want to work on are often connected to every other imbalance in your life. During this pandemic, so many people have being struggling due to fear, isolation, instability and even just the unknown; so I feel very grateful to have been able to support people during this time.

Can you tell us some benefits of it?

Sure, the goal is overall well being and balance. Waking up everyday feeling a sense of peace and strength.

Some people come in with past trauma that they want  to let go of and some people come in to clear imbalances blocking them from moving forward, toward their desired goals. It’s really about finding peace on all levels to live your life to it’s fullest and most beautiful potential.

Finally are there certain things you can do alone that can assist with balance and staying in check?

Absolutely, you can do the internal work but it is so important that you take care of your physical body. Eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables is obviously number one. They are nature’s greatest medicine. Also, there’s so much toxicity in our everyday lives so it’s important to supplement with vitamins and minerals (always engage with a qualified practitioner). Exercise is  everything in producing those feel good hormones and also to help detox the body. I have an infrared sauna at home which has been a game changer  for detox physically and mentally . It’s important to allow yourself to have fun, connect with the people you love, have a bath with a glass of red and let your hair down. I might be biased, but  if you have thought about bringing an animal home, do it, they are pure joy & love in this world.


Are supplements and vitamins a big part of your routine and practice? 

Absolutely, I’m hugely into supplements. Lots of my clients, including myself, have viral or stress disorders where we need a little extra support. It’s just as important to supplement biochemically, as nourishing other parts of ourselves. Each person is different and should  look for guidance from an integrative doctor or naturopath. At the moment I’m always taking a great deal of zinc, K2 + D3, quercetin, magnesium, NAC and vitamin c to keep my immune system strong.


What is your non negotiable can’t live without supplement ? 

For me, I have Pyrolle disorder which is a detox imbalance. You would be surprised how many people have it and it goes undiagnosed. Zinc, B6, and magnesium are everyday for me.

What is the best advice you have been given ?

Good question! Honestly, it’s got to be, to just bloody relax, be kind and enjoy your life. You can’t control what is outside of you so first and foremost be kind to yourself and be your own best friend.


And last but not least can you leave us with a positive affirmation?  

“Every part of my being is worthy and I take responsibility for my own health, wealth and happiness now”.


To Learn more about the Inner remedy visit Harriet here;


To Learn more about the Inner remedy visit Harriet here.

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