Q&A with Shaun Edwards

House Of Darwin Q&A

This week we sat down with founder of House of Darwin, Shaun Edwards for a quick Q&A. Shaun grew up in the Northern Territory before moving to Sydney and then Melbourne to play for the AFL. Shaun had an amazing football career but decided to leave it all behind to move back to the NT to work with and help remote Indigenous communities. For those that haven’t yet heard of House of Darwin, we are excited to introduce you to this inspiring business. They are a for profit clothing company that reinvests their profits back into social programs in remote Indigenous communities. Their goal is to inspire, educate and cultivate change within the two worlds of Australia through partnerships, creativity and storytelling.


Tell us a little bit about House of Darwin for those that don’t know?

House of Darwin is a social enterprise clothing label born out of the Northern Territory. We create Territory inspired products and reinvest the profits back into social programs in remote Indigenous communities.

What inspired you to start House of Darwin?

I was fortunate enough to grow up in Darwin, Arnhem land, Katherine and Mandorah, which meant I got to experience all the beautiful parts of the NT as a kid before I left to do my schooling in Melbourne and pursue footy down south. It wasn’t until I left that I realised how beautiful home was. I quickly realised I wanted to tell the story of my homeland in the NT and do a bunch of good with the profits along the way. I started House of Darwin in 2019 after moving back during the crazy times of the COVID outbreak.

Since launching has there been a particular moment that has made you most proud?

Doing the skate trip last year with PASSPORT and Build Up was a huge proud moment. Witnessing the pro skate team teaching the kids how to skate in some of the most remote locations in the country was really exciting and to have played a small role in bringing that all together made it all worthwhile.

What’s next for House of Darwin?

We’re trying to keep our local feel but grow into other parts of Australia and inspire more people to come visit the NT and learn about the oldest surviving cultures on the planet.

Travel tips. Tell us a little bit about Darwin. What are the locals tips or must do’s?

Darwin is a melting pot of cuisine and culture. We’re Australia’s gateway to Asia which means we have a tapestry of cultures living as one. Make sure you hire a 4WD drive and come during the dry season.

  • Eat at Hanuman
  • Visit Wiligi – West Arnhem Land
  • Drink at Babylon

Learn more about House of Darwin here