Thought it’s been years since athleisure made its first sartorial debut, we still all live in our activewear and we wouldn’t have it any other way. But whether it’s tequila, a newborn or many an espresso keeping us up all hours of the night, it’s easy to get complacent when Saturday morning rolls around. To remedy this, we have carved out a space, called #SPORTMYSTYLE, where we aim to inspire you to find the perfect moment where fashion meets function for your strolls, asanas, swings, and those moments in between.

We want to see you feeling confident into your post-play pursuits, stepping into the farmers market, grabbing the kids, or preparing some snacks (does wine count?!) on the go, and embracing everything that is the fierce force of your individual style.In our first instalment, we meet Tatsiana, founder, and sole artist of Cosset Ceramics.

Tatsiana draws inspiration from the body and its movement and is an avid yoga enthusiast. Hot vinyasa flow is her go-to for strength, but she’s also partial to a competitive game of tennis (in a cute dress, of course).



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10 words to describe yourself
An artist who creates sculptural forms and functional objects for a living.

What’s your favourite part of your career?
When spontaneous projects are born such as exhibiting at Single Person gallery in Shanghai.

How do you incorporate movement through your work?
I hope my work has a sense of buoyancy through movement. Although I focus on curves as one seamless line, I’m conscious of what the object is for, for instance, a planter, and how the curves might compliment stems of leaves

How do you express yourself?
Through sculpture and it’s presentation.

How would you describe your personal style in three words? 
Simple, relaxed, sophisticated

Who has had the greatest influence on your style?
Julie Pellipas or my boyfriend because I always wear his clothes

One accessory you wouldn’t leave the house without.
Not an accessory but my lip balm. Everything else can stay home and wait for me to come back.

Hat or sunglasses?

Lo or high-tops?

Do you wear jewellery when you workout?  
I don’t wear jewellery when working out or otherwise as it sadly makes me feel uncomfortable.

Duffle, tote, purse or backpack?

Your go-to exercise?
Yoga is my go-to

What’s the best style advice you’ve ever received?
Invest in vintage designer clothing.

What motivates you to get active when you’re in a funk?
I remind myself that it is a remedy to most things.

How does working out make you feel?
Stronger and calmer

What’s the most important thing to you when you’re looking for activewear?

What’s your favourite colour and why? 
Off-white, but black for yoga sessions.

Workout play list … GO!
Too many on rotation but Mason Princess Superstar – perfect (exceeder) is in all of them

What is your favourite destination to get active outdoors and explore? 
Anywhere quiet, green and warm. Throughout Covid, my backyard which edges on the harbour is good as I could ever ask for

What’s your favourite gym/studio that you’ve ever been to overseas?
I won’t lie. My routine goes straight out the window when overseas

Your favourite local place to get active? Can be outdoors or gym/studio/pilates?
One Hot Yoga & Pilates

The current book/podcast you’re loving?
Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s ‘Botany A Study of Pure Curiosity’

The hardest workout you’ve ever done.   
Almost anytime I go running it feels like the hardest workout I’ve ever done