One of the initiatives that we are most proud of is the work that we do with The Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT). We have donated a portion of every sale from our very first day of trading to CCT, right through to the $1 per transaction donation we make today.


This year co-founder Tara Winkler tells us about their 2022 holiday campaign, where funds raised will go toward giving the gift of a better future for 57 families.

Your purchases with us, over this period, will directly help to achieve CCT’s goal of $35,000 to help these families become more financially self-reliant.

If you’d like to help further or not able to purchase during the period and would like to help CCT achieve their goal you can make direct donations.




We recently asked 57 families in our community what they need to become strong, resilient and financially self-reliant this year.

Our goal is to always help families move towards empowerment. We aren’t in the business of creating unending dependency on charity.

These families have overcome unimaginable obstacles. They’ve gone days without food and nights without shelter. They’ve experienced prolonged unemployment, huge debt and limited healthcare. They’ve survived landmines, cancer, orphanages, COVID and floods. They’ve been separated and trafficked and traumatised. They’ve lived for years in survival mode and yet, against all those odds, they’ve persevered and rallied to build a future for their children that’s not mired by abject poverty. They now need just one last leg-up to set sail into that future.

The most meaningful Christmas present you could give this year is gifting a family their dream. That gift will launch a family in Cambodia into the final stage of CCT’s Early Intervention Empowerment journey which will see them become financially self-reliant and resilient to face future obstacles.

Those who donate before Christmas Day will receive a photograph in the mail of a family’s dream that’s become a reality.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch. It’s really important to us that everyone who supports CCT’s work understands the life-changing impact of their gift.


Tara Winkler

Cambodian Children’s Trust