A fashion PR dynamo in her past life, Bernadette Fahey first encountered pilates 10 years ago while leading that fast-paced NYC kind of life. Bernadette found instant fulfilment in the creativity of the method and the nourishing mind-body connection it offered. Since then, Bernadette has relocated to Tamarama and established her boutique studio Body By Berner where she’s known for classes that harmonise a high-energy workout with mindful movement. This Mother’s Day she will be moving in good company, sharing the mat with her beloved mother Pam. A custom workout conscious of all age and ability levels, this routine is the perfect pre-brekky session.



Q&A with Bernadette Fahey and Pam Fahey


Pam, you have 9 children. We thought this was an incredible story.
Tell us a little bit about being a mother to 9 humans.
It is one of the greatest joys of my life to have 9 beautiful children! When they were little, between school drop offs and running my business, life was chaotic to say the least! Now that all of my children are grown, it is so rewarding to see the incredible people they have become and know that they are an extension of me.

Bernie, what’s your most treasured memory with your mum?
This is a hard question – there are so many incredible memories to choose from. It would have to be all of our incredible travels together, from Bali, Paris, Florence, Dubai to Mykonos we always find a spot to have a good dance and sing together.



Bernie wears the Peached Tess Top and Peached Spin Short in Denim, Pammy wears the Peached Midi Pant in Denim.

Pam, what’s your most treasured motherhood memory?
You never forget the moment that you meet your baby for the first time, it’s like seeing and holding a piece of your heart that you never knew existed.

How do you like to both spend time together usually, and what gives you the most quality time?
Every Sunday we cook dinner together (if it’s been a big week, we’ll order in) no matter what is going on in our lives we always have that time to connect and catch up.

Tell us something you’ve learned about a mothers love
A mother’s love is unconditional and there is a great sense of security in that.

How will you be spending Mother’s Day?
A beautiful long lunch, a bottle of champagne and most importantly spoiling Pammy!

Bernie, you’ve designed a workout especially that has been modified and anyone can do with their mum, walk us through this
This standing workout is suitable for all levels of fitness and has a strong focus on balance and coordination. The workout targets legs, arms and glutes with an emphasis on strengthening the ankle joint as it supports us in our daily movement. Throughout the workout I provide progressions and modifications but if you are looking for an extra burn add ankle weights and hand weights.

Pam, how did you find the work out and what do you enjoy about Pilates?
I loved the workout and am feeling a nice muscular burn! Pilates is gentle but an effective workout. My favorite workouts are with my daughter, she knows my body so well and knows just the right amount to push me.