Superfood Green Goddess Smoothie

We’re not usually the type to follow the crowd but who can resist an action-packed beverage that gives you all the feels – and, no, we’re not talking about tequila. Brimming with health benefits, the mass appeal of the Green Smoothie just won’t quit.. But since they burst on the scene in wholesome fashion, we have come to realise that not all green smoothies are created equal.. So, we tracked down one of the best loved recipes by Bondi Institution THE HEALTH EMPORIUM to keep you operating at your smoothest..

You’ll need for around a 600ml glass:

½ small or ¼ large Avocado (frozen makes it super creamy!)
2 stalks of fresh kale or spinach leaves (stems removed)
2/3 cup of frozen mango (frozen makes it super thick!)
1 level teaspoon of spirulina (careful too much will make it bitter!)
1 generous spoon of honey to taste
½ cup of coconut milk (we love Organic Coco Quench)

Blitz in a food processor until super smooth and serve in your favourite glass with a paper straw and kick off your day with a Bang!.