An avid dancer in her youth, Bree Hemsley found solace in the peaceful poses and deep stretches of yoga. A trusted instructor at Scout Pilates, Bree inherited her love of physicality from her mother Kim, a former gymnast and longtime believer in the myriad benefits of exercise. Inspired by the rapport between mother and child, this Sunday 8th May the Hemsleys will be quietening their minds and moving through a flow that focuses on the heart chakra (our love of self and others) and the throat chakra (communication, inspiration & expression) – a soulful way to nurture the mind, body & each other.


Tell us about how you started practicing yoga?

Bree – I was working in corporate and they offered it as a lunchtime class as part of their wellbeing initiative. I was 20 and had only ever danced and really struggled to quieten my mind being so busy

Kim – I started practicing yoga over many years. I have always been active with aerobics in my 20s, walking, running athletics A close friend started yoga and I practiced with her over 10 years ago. I have also practiced Barre over the years. Whilst in lockdown Bree stated she was starting her own yoga practice it was the perfect reason and opportunity to get back into yoga.


Did your mum have an influence on your career choice?

Bree – Definitely. Mum as a gymnast growing up and she always pushed us to keep moving. She helped me to understand my body and encouraged me to learn about movement. From there I found yoga.


What do you like about practicing yoga together? Does it strengthen /deepen your relationship?

Bree – I love being able to see one another’s progress. When either of us find something new and share it with the other, its so exciting. It also gives us that space to honestly just be and talk. we hold space for one another so much better now because we respect that place of stillness for each other.


Kim – I love supporting and being a part of Bree’s journey. Not only have I become stronger and more flexible, our relationship as a mother and daughter has developed with a deeper understanding from both of us. We have always been close and doing yoga together getting up early to support and practice, back her dreams to become a reality is part of being a Mum. It is the most important job in the world and one I cherish forever.





Tell us about the yoga flow you’ve put together today? Can anyone do this with their mum? Is it suitable for all ages? If so, what makes it so?

Bree – So today’s flow is essentially something that awakens the 4th & 5th Chakra. All about love and communication which for mum and I are what we value in one another I think the most. If you don’t have respect and understanding than it’s hard to see another’s point of view. This flow creates that space for everyone. Perfect to practice with your mum or with with someone you want to build on your relationship.


Head to our IGTV to watch Bree’s Yoga Flow


What is a mother to each of you? What are the qualities /attributes?

Bree – A mother to me is the person that I can turn to for the good and bad things. Its someone that understands me and who I can turn to for guidance. Mum is honestly my rock. she shares her life with me and from there I am able to grow and be nurtured, then passing that on to someone else. I am very very grateful to have my mum in my life. She is incredible.

Kim – Being a mother means unconditional love and support always. You have bough a little human into the world and as a Mum your job is to teach and show your child warmth, strength, love, patience, to stand on their own, question, kindness, understanding, and to believe in themselves and their own ability. Life is not easy but when we continue to grow and be the person we are meant to be, hold our head high and know we have done everything with respect and integrity we are moving in the right direction.



Tell us how you normally spend mother’s day or celebrate your relationship?

Bree – Mothers day brunch. Almost every year, us kids cook for mum and we do a big brunch with the whole family. Think pancakes, eggs, avo, tea, juice. The whole shebang. Something low key but with some laughs and maybe a little adventure. Our family is all about quality time so we just make sure we have that and we are happy.

Kim – Mothers day is always spent with the whole family. Nanny’s birthday generally falls on Mother’s Day so it is a double celebration. We have had picnics in the park, gone out for lunch, held brunch at home or there are times I have gone to NZ to spend this time with my Mum and/ or she has travelled here.




Bree wears the Delmira Ballet Bra and Palm Springs Floral Midi Pant – Kim wears Niyama Knit Bondi Sweater and Sierra Dance Midi Pant