Cultivate Form, Grace and Strength through this unique blend of movement

Danielle Acoff
aka Yella Bella  has trained in Classical Ballet and Jazz. At the age of seventeen she dove into a career as a professional dancer - dancing on world tours, for the NBA, and in TV and Film and sfter 14+ years as a professional dancer, Danielle became passionate about the wellness of movement believing it has a direct impact on our physical health and mental wellbeing, as well as being fundamental in connecting to ourselves.

Spending years studying with world renowned teachers and have received certifications in Yoga, Mat Pilates and Kundalini Yoga, Danielle has over the years developed her own style: a unique culmination of my life experiences, dedication to my craft, and love of movement that brings her back to her centre.



Q. You have such an innovative style of movement, tell us about it!

Well thank you! I was a professional dancer, so a lot of my inspiration in my Pilates and yoga practice comes from my ballet background. I love sequencing my classes to feel like a dance, seamlessly moving from one exercise to the next.

Q. Tell us about your personal practice & teaching journey?

Where to start:) I’m certified in Yoga, mat Pilates and Kundalini yoga. I began practicing yoga and pilates in 2011, while still dancing and started creating flows that became my daily release. I could not live without these practices! I decided after many years to create a platform to share my love of movement called YellaStudio.

Q. For someone who is feeling a little disconnected in their body, what would your advice be? Where do they start?

I think we’ve all been there at some point! I would start by jumping into a consistent practice, even if you’re getting in 10mins of movement that’s amazing. This activates the muscle of showing up daily and eventually you’ll feel like a brand new person!

Q. Can you breakdown your workout for us? How do each of the movements or the overall flow benefit the body and or achieve?

My workouts are a mix of Pilates, low impact movements, and yoga. I like to create a class that flows that power through from one movement to the next for a fun and effective workout!

Q. What’s your favourite workout?

My favorite workout would have to be my Pilates fusion classes! :)

Q. Tell us all about music, do you have a great playlist you can share? How do you select music for your classes? Is there an art to this?

Oh I have many playlists! I curate a Spotify playlist in each of my classes on YellaStudio actually! Music is so important to me, the right playlist can motivate me through any workout- I’m always listening and searching for new music to add every week!