01 APRIL 2021

Your Astrological update; Moon’s, Transit’s and Eclipse Season

April and May are exhilarating months in the eyes of an Astrologer; there is just so much happening! We are all attempting to cultivate a sense of discipline in our daily routines, and (hopefully) persevering with our personal resolutions. From a cosmic viewpoint, the next few months will bring us a great sense of awakening. Transformation is at each and every turn – but the road is winding and a little awkward at times. In April, we welcome enterprising Aries season – there is a New Moon in the fiery sign on the 11th/12th that brings answers and ideas. On the 20th, the Sun shifts into grounded Taurus along with Venus and Mercury in the same sign. Mars enters the sign of Cancer on the 24th, lightening the load and engaging our senses. A Scorpio Full Moon ends the month of April on the 26th/27th, representing an ending or culmination somewhere on your path. May begins with Venus entering the sign of Gemini on the 8th, followed by a sublime New Moon in Taurus on the 11th/12th. From May 13th till July 28th, we shift into Jupiter transiting through Pisces, leaving its Aquarius base for a short but significant while. Jupiter entered Aquarius late December 2020, centring us to a new type of ‘global reality’; Hello, Covid aftermath.


We are at the beginning stages of a wildly unique and socially advanced moment in time – that is what Aquarius in Jupiter (the lucky planet) is all about. In ancient mythology, Jupiter reigned supreme over the other God’s and was associated with thunder, storms and the sky. In modern Astrology, Jupiter is the ruler of the 9th house of travel, learning and higher purpose. He is the guardian angel to Sagittarius but the traditional ruler of Pisces. Because of this, Jupiters month long transit into Pisces is prosperous, enticing and actually quite ideal. However, there’s more to this story – so, let me break it down for you. On the 20th of June, Jupiter will turn retrograde, beginning its transit in Pisces and ending in Aquarius on October 18th. All the while, Jupiter in Pisces is connecting to the Moon’s Nodes, as well as the Eclipse cycle in Gemini/Sagittarius. The North Node (purpose and path in life) is in Gemini, and the first Eclipse of the year occurs in Sagittarius (known as the Blood Moon) on the 26th of May. There is a perpetuating theme of expansion happening – how we receive, process and gather information. The Nodes are an integral part of the Eclipse’s – and between Gemini and Sagittarius, themes will include such things as education, freedom, religion, personal faith and beliefs, connection and communication. And, that’s not all folks, on the 29th of May, when you think all is said and done – Mercury begins its retrograde in the sign of Gemini until June 22nd. Mercury is the natural ruler of Gemini, so one would assume this retrograde goes down easier than usual. But, we would be very wrong to believe this as truth. In fact, this retrograde is going to be one of the most intense of the year – be prepared to rebuild. The path least travelled always appeals to Gemini, so expect the unexpected!


All the best,