Rising languidly from a world heavily fatigued and deep in its own throes, this dreamy lunation still ripples with enchanting possibility. She is an oracle if you can read her stippled waters and soothsayer if you peer into all the tides she rises in you, courting a personal watershed.


The climb to the peak is bizarrely soporific, even in the midst of chaos and restriction as the new mundane. Despite the simmering Plutonic undercurrent courting ruthless transformation, Neptunian influence rules in its strange fashion. Its lure hooks the willing and the wanderers alike but it offers easy subterfuge for deception. Look twice and read between the lines.


The Pisces lune remains a highly emotional moonscape. We are dancing with our luminaries along the axis of chaos and order in the shadow of the equinox tipping point. Beware of the doldrums and feelings overload that can hurtle you into overwhelm if you scramble from their transmission. Your feelings remain your first language and mother tongue denied at your peril. This moon invites a deep connection to our full emotional spectrum and may deliver a long-awaited release from all you have been holding together. Let the overspill flow and wash anything that no longer has a place in your life over the falls.


This full moon could kick hard in the nostalgias as we long for simpler times. We may miss places and people we haven’t met yet and the freedom held in unlimited possibility. Resist the boozy lure of anaesthesia, bypass or dissociation. Checking in not out is the only way to magnetise the yearning and plant your wishes in the solid ground zero of your real life. Look for inspiration shimmering beyond the fray and watch your dreams like a hawk. They hold clues and keys and maps with words your mouth hasn’t tasted yet. When your mind wanders off, do not call it back.


Flower: Water Lily

Crystal: Aquamarine

Spirit Animal: Mermaid

Look: Fluid and floaty

Ritual: A long drawn out bath


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