1 March 2021

The full moon in Virgo delivers uncluttered clarity and right between the eyes revelation, arising from the shimmering depths of Pisces. Her gift is discernment, unwrapped by clambering all the way back into our bodies and getting our feet firmly back on the ground. Now you see, now you feel, now you know.

We must be wary of the hangover of the virgin’s moon, as a new season delivers us a fresh start line. Judgement too keen to take the reins and criticism cracking the whip. In a world still programmed to perpetual productivity and slavish self-improvement, it is easy to forget that every little misstep got you here too.

Urania’s influence, strong all year and directly aspecting the weekend peak, strikes like lightning. Felt as a bolt of inspiration or electrocuting insight, the shock of which can shepherd us back into our safety dance with control. Our greatest illusion and ready trapdoor.

Though the only thing we can truly control is ourselves – as the weather and the world refuse to bend to our prediction or demands – we must be careful how we unleash this dark art upon ourselves or unsuspecting others. Too often control is wrapped up in judgement and restriction and even internally feels like punishment. All it ever masks is our unwillingness to accept reality, the present moment and ourselves in it, the imperfection at odds with its demands.

Bad habits and blindspots cloak the door to the shadow. Relentless perfectionism with nary a wrinkle or wobble or scratch steal the pleasure from our lives. Change responds best to a gentle hand in the small of our back and the cultivation of the kind whisper from within, disarming the waggling finger of our inner critic. That voice an old tape played so often it has warped into our own. It never was and truly never will be, unless we think that’s all there is.

The soul alchemises our fears and feelings, body and mind into the path unfurling before us. It encourages tender navigation that can hold mistakes and bad habits as lessons, no experience ever wasted. As we step into a new season, take what the moon gave you as guidance not manifesto. Gently does it.

Crystal: Smoky quartz

Flower: Rosemary

Spirit Animal: Cat

Look: Sharp

Ritual: Banish self-criticism and judgement

Written By Bohomofo, Kerrie Basha

Bohomofo is an Australian writer and astrologer who blogs daily her Astro for the New World. You can join Bohomofo online for regular full and dark moon events that include the astrological inside running, ritual, meditation and storytelling. Bohomofo hosts The Coven Electric for the witch-curious and works by day as a tarot reader and shadow guide. Discover her magic on Insta here or at www.bohomofo.com