Baby, it’s cold out. And you know what that means? Extra layers, cracking fires, red wine and lacklustre, dull, dehydrated skin. So how do you remedy the cold curse of the cooler months (and too many reds) and bring back the glow of summer and good times? With a little help — inside and out.

“For all of winter’s delights, there are a few not-so pleasant skin side effects,” explains Director of Chakra Face and Body (and all-round skin fairy), Kiki Chakra. “Winter tends to be the time when people start to notice their skin getting dry and at times flaky. This occurs as the moisture from the upper layers of the skin is lost, causing it to dry out.” Common glow-sapping culprits include dry air (and lack of humidity), a drop in temperature and artificial heating.

But before you start over-exfoliating or reaching for that extra thick moisturiser, here are some ways to revive your guise and ditch that sad, sallow winter skin. Consider it your IRL guide to a glow-up. You’re welcome.

1. Say hi to Vitamin C!

Vitamin C is basically the sun of skincare — so for those in need of some serious skin brightening, arm your arsenal with Vitamin C-packed products. Sunday Riley’s C.E.O trio — C.E.O.15% Vitamin C Brightening Serum, C.E.O. Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream and C.E.O. Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Oil — is the holy trinity. Like sunshine for your face, they’re full of a potent, stable, skin-brightening form of Vitamin C that prevents and repairs the visible signs of premature aging and leaves you looking bright and nourished.

2. Get a (facial) massage

Facial massage — in all its forms — is everywhere right now. While at-home gua sha and dermal rolling is great, for a truly glow-giving experience, go to an expert. Try out the newly opened Fenn in Paddington, where co-founder’s Nicole Manning’s magic hands will leave you positively glowing (and wanting more). Trust us, they’re heavenly.

3. Drink a (collagen) cocktail

Replace your boozy nightcap with a skin-loving tipple, like JSHealth’s Vitality X Glow Powder. It’s Vegan and it’s packed with 10 powerful, research-backed ingredients that support healthy skin, hair and nails and help to reduce fine line and wrinkles, boost collagen formation and improve skin elasticity and hydration. Meaning? It’s basically glow in a glass (and it tastes delicious).

4. Exfoliate — but make it luminous

Lacklustre, dull-looking skin often comes from a build-up of dead cells hanging out on the skin’s surface — so don’t underestimate the power of a good polish. We love Emma Lewisham’s Illuminating Exfoliant with AHA/BHA & 24 Hour Hydration, which not only leaves you squeaky clean but looking like you’ve just been sprinkled with (skin) fairy dust: instantly smooth, clarified and most importantly, glowing. *Remember, use only twice a week and cleanse normally with a winter-friendly milk or oil cleanser for extra nourishment.


5. Get Sweaty

Have you ever left the gym sweaty and sticky only to look in the mirror and see a gorgeously glowing face staring back at you? Well, you’re onto something. Exercise has long been hailed for aiding skin tone, flushing toxins and calming puffiness, even likened to that “pregnancy glow”. But if idling is more your jam, get the rosy, oxygen-rich glow of a workout via the sweat of an infrared sauna. At Bondi’s new zen space, Slow House, you can even add a radiance-boosting Omnilux Facial. Or, if you’re in Melbourne or Byron Bay, check out the very swish (and very serene) Comma.

6. Sun, SPF and Repeat

Sit in the sun! BUT with SPF. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin vital to the function of our hair and skin, but in winter our Vitamin D stores deplete as incidental sun exposure becomes limited. According to the Cancer Council, the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the major cause of skin cancer, but it’s also the best source of vitamin D — so it’s all about finding a safe balance. When the UV Index falls below 3 (usually in late autumn and winter), they advise spending a little time outdoors in the middle of the day. But before you go bask in the winter sunlight, slap on Ultra Violette’s SPF 50+ Luminising Serum SKINSCREEN™, which not only leaves you protected but gloriously glowy.

7. A Mask is a Must

“As your face can get easily irritated by the wind and cold conditions, using a hydrating face masque is instantly soothing,” says Chakra. “It will calm down any redness and leave your skin nice and juicy.” (It’s also a lovely way to indulge some much-needed self-love). Try the DMK Hydrating Masque and Bio Hydrating Mask. “You can pop it on for 20 mins or leave it on overnight. BLISS!”


8. Become best friends with a Face Oil

While a face oil is always a good idea, winter really is the season to up your oil intake. “Face oils are a quick and effective way to hydrate and soothe the skin,” explains Chakra. “They are jam packed with essential fatty acids (EFAs) which help restore the skin’s natural barrier function — locking in hydration and preventing water loss. You will also always get more hydration out of an oil than a moisturiser.” And for those still fearful of oils, remember: “oil won’t make you oily – I promise!”. Try Lira Clinical’s Mystiq Beauty Oil, DMK’s Seba-e mixed with the Herb and Mineral Mist (a great hack for aiding transdermal delivery), or Mecca Cosmetica’s new, extra lush Everyday Face Oil.

9. Eat more (good) fat

Good fats should always be incorporated into your diet, but to keep up glowy appearances in winter, increasing your good fat content is a must. Eat warmer fatty foods like salmon and sardines, along with things like chia seeds, walnuts and avocado for healthy gut function and healthy glowing skin. “And increase your intake of Essential Fatty Acids — they are a must!” adds Chakra. We love DMK EFA Ultra and Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Liquid or Capsules.

10. Lean on luminosity-promising products

If all else fails, and you need a little helping hand, reach for products that have an added boost. Like a magic wand for your face, Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Glow Drops work at a molecular level to deliver a youthful bounce and healthy radiance to the skin. Light-reflecting pigments work to amplify and give dimension and shine to where it’s needed most.


Chrisanthi Kaliviotis is a journalist, editor, copywriter and creative consultant across fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands and publications. She has worked with some of Australia’s leading publications & global brands in her 10 year stint, her most recent being with Grazia Australia and Broadsheet, she enjoys longs walks on the beach, Greek food, great wine and doesn’t mind letting her hair down for a good time…