Who is Meghan Loneragan?

I’m a copywriter, consultant and bonafide over-thinker. I usually spend my days working with brands and businesses to help them define their tone of voice and develop ideas for content that feels authentic.



Has travel and exploration always interested you, and if so, why?

Massively. I even dedicated a blog to it (back in the day when travel bloggers were still a new *cool new thing*).

Over that time, I did some life-changing things, like hiking the fog-lined mountain ranges of the Isle of Skye and bungee jumping off Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa. These days though, I’m based on the Gold Coast with my 4-year-old and my partner.


What does travel and exploration look like now with kids?

Not going to lie, embracing stay-cations definitely took precedence when we had our son, but we’re getting better at perfecting the art of the long weekend and exploring our local area.

These days I’m all about the solo weekend away. Any parent will tell you that enjoying a long hot bath, followed by a solid sleep in a hotel bed, is absolute bliss.

I know by now it’s a cliche and I hate to say but I’m just going to go ahead and say it… Byron Bay is just incredible and we have a family house on Belongil Beach that I run away to when things get too hectic.


Do you think nature is a gateway to transformation?

Yes, but not just transformation—also restoration.

When you think about it, if you measured the time in our days that aren’t looking at screens it would be minuscule. From sun up to sun down, there’s always some sort of screen in our eye range.

Taking yourself into nature is like a gift for your retinas.



Any mindfulness/wellness practices and what you like to do to stay fit and healthy?

Mental wellness is hugely important to me because I deal with PMDD every month, which manifests as extreme anxiety around my period (it’s kind of like PMS but with a million times more crying emojis).

I’ve been on a bit of a journey to care for my mental health through wellness (as well as medication).

So every day, I wake up and write 5 things I’m grateful for. I also do boxing twice a week and pilates twice a week. So that’s 4 evenings out of 7 where I’m active, moving, and not drinking wine on the couch—which USED to be my coping routine before I stopped drinking in 2021.

After serious lockdown drinking, one day I was just fed up with feeling so much hang-xiety and decided to challenge myself. I went 146 days without alcohol, and it changed my perspective on life and my relationship with my body.

It was just a brilliant experience to help me understand the triggers that make me want to drink. It also brought my body back into alignment and cured a lot of upper-abdomen bloating I had been dealing with.

I recently started incorporating one glass of red wine a week, but most of the time, I don’t have anything.

Which is a huge thing for me because martinis were like a food group to me.


You recently moved to the Gold Coast from the Central Coast of NSW. Tell us a little bit about how you’ve settled in so far?

The Gold Coast is like that kid in high school that didn’t know who they wanted to be so they try out every subculture until they get into their 20s and experience the world’s best glow-up once they figure out who they are.

For decades it had this image of being shallow, but all I’ve found since moving here are friendly, creative people who’ve moved here for the lifestyle and to chase their goals.

It’s just the perfect city if you’re looking for beach culture along with the restaurants, bars and excitement of city life.


For someone who might like exploring the city, can you share some places you love to grab a bite to eat or a tea/coffee (vegan preferably) following a pilates or yoga class?


Coffee: Tarte Bakery & Cafe, Burleigh Heads

Aesthetics and ultra-delish coffee, these guys have it sorted.

Lunch: Poke Poke, Mermaid Beach

Poke is my weakness. It’s so filling and feels indulgent but seriously so good for you. And nobody makes the tuna, avocado, chilli, rice combo fresher than these guys.

Sushi Honba, Burliegh Waters

I’ve never seen a lineup for a sushi train like this one. There are literally TWO lines. One line to get into the next line and then you wait inside for your number to be called. But the sushi truly is THAT INCREDIBLE for the prices.

Dinner: Greenhouse Canteen and Bar, Miami

This is a vegan restaurant and specialist in natural wines so I consider an indulgent dinner here as a double for a health kick. Their mushroom burger is by far the tastiest thing I’ve had for the past 6 months.

Treats: Paddock Bakery, Miami

Not only are the pastries here some of the best in the city but there’s something magical about nestling in on a weekend beneath the tree canopies and cozy festoon lights.

What are your go-to studios if you’d like to keep up your wellness while navigating the city?

Pilates: Pilates & Co, Burleigh Heads

I love how friendly the energy is here. You see all stages, ages and sizes here so you never feel intimidated.

Yoga: Ritual Yoga, Palm Beach

I love the atmosphere here and that they have a little creche.

Miami Yoga Room, Miami

Convenient and just a calming space to hide away in if I need to stretch away some stress.

Boxing: KO Fitness, Miami

This is a *real* boxing gym, the way you imagine them in the movies. I LOVE the classes when they’re hosted by the owner. He treats you like a real boxer and doesn’t let you slack off. It’s amazing.

Bathhouse: Soak Bathhouse, Mermaid Beach

The sauna and cold dip combination is a revelation for invigorating your body and your mind.



Any playlists/music while you’re on the road?

Audiobooks: ‘How To Do The Work’ by Nicole LePera

Music: When working? The ‘Planet Earth II’ soundtrack. When chilling? ‘Blue Bannisters’ by Lana Del Rey

Podcasts: ‘Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett’

Even if you just listen to the episode ‘How To Improve Your Life In 5 Seconds: Mel Robbins’, it’ll make your day.