From the moment Mick Jagger clapped eyes on the Nicaraguan beauty backstage at his own concert, the rock’n roll phenomenon and the political science student embarked on an electric romance.. Bianca would go on to remember this first meeting as “a bolt of lightning”.

Inseparable, their whirlwind courtship resulted in an intimate South of France ceremony a mere 24 hours after the Rolling Stone frontman proposed. The bride wore YSL – complete with smoking jacket, veiled hat and espadrilles – an unconventional yet indelibly chic look that saw the world fall just as hard for Mrs Bianca Jagger. The marriage may not have lasted but Bianca’s bold, feminine and simply genius looks continued to set the public’s imagination alight..

Bianca’s belief in upending the status quo saw her give classic silhouettes a healthy dose of daring..

Bianca pioneered the notion that one woman could be all three things: smart, sophisticated and sexy.

Evoking a rebellious and sultry kind of elegance, Bianca had fun with her ethereal allure, bringing a sense of theatre to her ensembles that feel as fresh and relevant today as they did in her 70s heyday. A whimsical way with headwear and tailored yet sensual suiting became a Bianca Jagger signature. Always exquisite in her originality yet never contrived – all eyes were on Bianca wherever she went..

From grand entrances on horseback and raucous revelling at legendary nightclub Studio 54 to decades of fierce and impassioned work in the name of human rights, developing nations and environmental causes – Bianca’s spirited intelligence, old world poise and sartorial savoir-faire make her our forever muse.

“I don’t want to wear what every other woman wears. I won’t be dictated to.”