Ingrid Lovett lives a full and vibrant life balancing her role as Communications Director of creative agency MAXMEDIALAB with her devotion to daughters Miel and Lulu. With so much going on in her work life, Ingrid relies on the peace and reprieve of nature to counterbalance the pace of her day-to-day. Long walks with her girls, be it along the sea or amid green space, offer a chance to move her body, have meaningful conversations and re-centre her energy. Ingrid shares with us her go-to routes for recharging from Bundeena National Park to coastal classic, Bondi-to-Bronte.


The girls godmother introduced us to the Tallows Ridge Track in Byron Bay on a recent trip. You enter the track through a brick pathway adjacent to Clarkes Beach. The pathway leads up and down through the coastal rainforest, beneath huge Bangalow Palm trees which protects you from the heat. When you come out from the rainforest, the sweeping views of Tallows Beach and cosy corner are sublime.  The walk includes around 400 steps to the lighthouse,  which definitely distracting my youngest as we counted our way to the lighthouse!  We continued down the lighthouse walk to Wategos as it is a beautiful loop around the cliff tops.



When visiting a friend in Bundeena, she took the girls and I on a beautiful walk through the Royal National Park, down to a beautiful spot, called Winifred Falls.  It was so beautiful and unexpected, we could not resist taking off our clothes and submerging ourselves in the natural waterfall which was so purifying and exhilarating.  For this one, you will have to google the map, as it is tricky to find from the road, as all of the National Park looks the same to me!



Every walk on Lord Howe Island which is laced with dozens of delightfully well marked walking trails. Whether it is the beautiful walk to Malabar which commences at Neds Beach.  A climb up an open grassy slope to Pooles Lookout before climbing to the summit of Malabar Hill, which is 208m above sea level.  Or down the beautiful Little Island Track at the Southern End of the Lagoon.  There is a walk for everyone.  We have not attempted Mr Gower, one of the best treks in the world, but it is on our Bucket List.




Lulu’s favourite walk is the Bondi to Bronte.  She loves stopping at every park along the way from Marks Park to Tamarama Park before a swim in Bronte Pool.  In winter we love watching the whales migrate north whilst capturing the beautiful autumn winter sunsets.



Miel has a more adventurous spirit and loves the City to Surf.  It is something we committed to, together (pre covid) and have done three years running. We are excited to get back into training for it this year!  The thing we love most about it, is the challenge of the run and the charity aspect of giving back.  It is perfect for walkers and runners alike.





Many childhood memories are built on going on walks, whether it’s walking home from school or even first steps! Why is this such a treasured activity for you and your daughters?

The girls and I love an adventure and finding new places to explore.  There is something really special about being surrounded in nature, especially in the fast pace world we all live in.   It is chance to unwind,  relax and be at one with nature.  There are so many beautiful things to explore in nature, and I just love the every changing conditions around the coastal walks, not to mention the sunsets which we are better at capturing than the sunrises, although we are working on it!



What are your walks like and why are they memorable?
 I would walk everywhere…. The girls take a little more time to wind up, then once they are out and walking they love it.   Each walk is beautiful and memorable as they are all different and we make sure they are all spontaneous and an experience in themselves, whether we stop for lunch, a smoothie, or ice cream or come across a secret place to swim.


Can you share a memory from one of your most treasured walks with us?
Lulu has a funny memory of Miel putting lemon juice in her hair, pre walk in a quest to get natural blonde highlights!  One of my favourite memories was finding little waterfalls in the National Park, as they are spontaneous and elevate the experience, especially when you can swim in a natural spring.





Ingrid wears the Saturn Arrow Sweater and Matte Tech Midi Pant,Miel wears the THE UPSIDE Hoodie and Major Track-pant in White,Lulu wears the Bondi Crew and Major Track Pant in Black