Invest in colours that elevate your energy



What’s the difference between dressing for serenity and chaos ? The colour palette of your wardrobe.

Our emotional connection to colour is a lot deeper than we’re currently aware of. It’s not unusual to style your home or spaces according to a colour palette which is mood inducing but have you ever thought about doing the same with what you wear?


Everything that exists emits energy and vibrations, including colours. Colours can therefore have an impact on how our minds work and even influence our future, according to model, mother, healer and frequency therapist, Steph Carta.

“Everything in the universe is made up of energy, this also applies to colours all holding their own unique vibration, or frequency, 
Also as an energetic reference, colours can be related to the chakras or different energy systems of the body to understand their unique meanings further,” Steph tells us.


When creating Calypso, our Head Designer Ashlea Holdsworth took her cues from the tropics, and vacation vibes. She came up with a cruisey, palette of soft olives, agave greens and burnt oranges, paired back with natural shades of shell and fawn.




Ashlea also brings in a joyful set of colours, including coral, papaya and marigold  which makes us dream of happy times and our heritage in sunny Hawaii and then juxtaposes the light with darker navy, indigo and onyx to anchor the palette and remind us of the moodiness of Pipeline’s shores.




Steph immediately gravitates to the Navy’s in the collection, “Upon investigation it is really no surprise that Navy is on the highest end of the colour scale (frequency-wise, above the 600hz range).”



Left to right: Josie Sweater, Florence Pant, Kova Racquet Dress, Nalu Tess Top, Nalu Spin Short


“Blue is the colour of truth, serenity and harmony, by helping to soothe the mind. It is good for cooling, calming, reconstructing, protecting, and raising frequency. It is also the colour of electromagnetic frequency (ocean vibes!) and it is related energetically to the third eye chakra,” she says.


It turns out, blue light is the most energising on the colour spectrum.

The frequency of colour is measured in hertz’s. A hertz is defined as the number of oscillations or repeats of a cycle in one second. For a wave, it is how many wavelengths occur in one second. The shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency and the more energy the colour has.


Scientists have also identified orange is an uplifting colour that has a stimulating effect on the body through the sympathetic nervous system. It’s no wonder then that Steph has also identified this colour as one which resonates with her in the collection.


“A beautiful tropical synergy is made in this collection with the ranges of orange too, which hold frequency in the 500-600 hz range depending on the shade.



Left to right: Laura Tee, Seamless Spin Short, Aloha Cap, Sock 2 Pack


“Uplifting orange can resemble creativity, optimism, adventure and a sense of wellness to name a few, and relates to the sacral chakra energy centre. Personally, I also relate it with warmth (sun!) vibes,” accurately capturing the collection’s essence without barely any information given to her.


Steph calls the effect of wearing certain colours “enclothed cognition”, it describes the systematic influence that clothes have on the wearer’s psychological processes. The term was coined by Hajo Adam and Adam D. Galinsky in 2012 after a study the conducted revealed there was a symbolic meaning for people wearing clothes as well as the physical experience of wearing them. In the case of their study, wearers of a white lab coat, in the context of a lab, had increased attentiveness and performance to those who did not.

We could argue that we could potentially say the same about athletic or athleisure wear, and as Steph so well puts, “ Whether it’s a vibration that you want to express outwards with your style, or use to shift, elevate and transform your own energy, you too can choose to play in your own unique way with weaving the magic of colour frequency into your life now consciously.”



So go on, #SPORTMYSTYLE and use our Calypso colours to inspire your next work out, or post-play activity with the vibrational frequency of good times and good Summer nostalgia, and thank the sun, the moon, the stars and our Mother Earth for another year well lived.