Melbourne Art Director Jayde Day shares how Mother Nature is her inspiration

 Jayde Day is a multidisciplinary artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Her work looks to explore the natural world through relationships of colour, texture and abstract imagery.  

We speak to her about how Mother Nature is the ultimate muse that fuels her creativity when working with textile prints, illustrations and wall paper designs she creates for her clients at Daytime Studio.


It all starts by taking time in the morning to get outdoors, giving her a clarity to go into the day.


Jayde wear Original Supersoft Natacha Bra and Original Supersoft Yoga Pant

Q - Tell us how you own your morning? Do you have any routines or habits to set you up for the day?


 Having a regular routine throughout the week works best for me in setting up my day. My mornings are typically cantered around training, which is a mixture of boxing, HIIT, and reformer Pilates sessions. Getting up early and going to the gym or getting outdoors has definitely been a learnt behaviour, but has become a sort of meditative practice where I can channel my thoughts into challenging myself physically in order to approach the day with more clarity, focus and positivity.

Q - What part does mother nature play in setting up your day?

Melbourne weather is notoriously unpredictable. If it's a nice day I'll make the most of sitting outside with my morning coffee and chasing the sun at lunchtime by going for a walk or eating in the park.


Q - Tell us about a typical day in Melbourne with you, if we were to follow you around?  

I love to drop in to Standing Room in North Fitzroy, Market Lane in Brunswick, or Hugo's Deli in Richmond for a morning coffee. I'll catch up with friends for a walk or picnic in the Edinburgh Gardens or for a swim at the Carlton Baths, followed by drinks at the Napier Quarter, Public Wine Shop, or Hope St Radio and dinner at the Marquis of Lorne, Di Stasio Citta or Gimlet at Cavendish House.


Q - Tell us about your wellness practices more broadly, why are they important to you?  

I prefer to vary my routine with different types of physical activity so that I am constantly challenging myself. Allowing time for daily movement is important to me as it is dedicated time to myself. Winding down is just as crucial to my routine. I'll try to get to bed early during the week and read as this helps me to sleep better. Listening to a good playlist in the shower also helps me to tune out and leave the thoughts or events of the day behind.   


Q - Anything cool you are reading / watching or listening to at the moment? 

 I've just finished reading "Girlhood" by Melissa Febos which I cannot recommend enough, as well as the BBC's podcast '28 ish Days Later'. I'm also really enjoying Emily Ratakowski's High/ Low podcast, specifically the conversations around the acceptance of the duality of being feminine and a feminist, body commodification, and honest conversations about motherhood.