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McGrath Foundation Breast Care Nurses provide invaluable support


Did you know gentle physical exercise is a crucial part of mental and physical recovery for breast cancer patients?

While working on the McGrath Foundation collaboration, THE UPSIDE met Jess Wu, a 25-year-old patient, who during her experience with breast cancer, often turned to exercise. Taking up Pilates gave her a purpose to wake up every morning, with the opportunity to be surrounded by people, which Jess says kept pushing her forward. Now finished with active treatment, she still exercises every single day.

Jess has been supported throughout her experience with breast cancer by McGrath Breast Care Nurse, Peta Brydon. McGrath Breast Care Nurses provide invaluable physical, psychological, and emotional support from the time of diagnosis, throughout treatment.

Jess was kind enough to share her experience with breast cancer with us so to highlight the importance of the funding raised by McGrath Foundation, which is provided for free.


Image – Jess Wu and her Breast Care Nurse Peta Brydon



At only 19 years-old, Jess Wu made the life changing move from Hong Kong to Sydney. Studying
here and living with her boyfriend, Jess was busy enjoying the laid-back Sydney lifestyle for the next
four years until a breast cancer diagnosis turned her life upside down in 2020. With all her family back
in Hong Kong, Jess faced breast cancer without the support of her family and found her new life

Jess had noticed a lump in her right breast while in the shower back in 2020, when she was 23 years-
old. After an immediate visit to her GP and subsequent mammogram, biopsy and ultrasound, the
results were inconclusive. Her GP suggested a visit to a breast specialist but being only 23, Jess
didn’t really believe it could be breast cancer and was worried about her finances while on a student
visa, so decided to wait and monitor the lump instead.

6 months later, with the lump as prominent as ever, Jess made an appointment with the breast
specialist. On Mother’s Day in 2021, Jess received confirmation she had breast cancer. With her
mother still back in Hong Kong, what was meant to be a happy Mother’s Day call with her mum turned
into Jess having to break the news to her family.

From there it was a whirlwind of appointments and treatment. At her very first oncologist appointment
that following week, Jess met McGrath Breast Care Nurse Peta Brydon, who was by her side
throughout the whole experience. With her family overseas, Jess leant on Peta for emotional support
as well as practical guidance and advice. The two are still extremely close and share a special



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