Jessica Sepel is a clinical nutritionist, 3 x best-selling health author, and founder of the JSHealth App and JSHealth Vitamins. We sat down with her to ask her all about her top tips for staying healthy, her approach to dieting (or not dieting,) and the 3 things she’d take to a desert island!

Jess’ clinical nutrition knowledge and experience has allowed her to create a range of research-backed formulas to nourish your body and help you to feel confident in your own skin!

Jess displayed a passion for vitamins from a young age after watching both her grandparents take them daily which led her to delve into the vitamin world and become incredibly interested in nutrition from the age of 15. After overcoming her own struggles with fad dieting to find balance and body love, Jess went on to formally study a degree in nutrition. Since then, she spent years in private practice as a nutritionist, where she saw the transformational impact and effect vitamins had firsthand on her clients and knew she wanted to create her own.

I have always had a very deep interest and intuitive love for the power of vitamins and by creating my own range, I have been able to control the ingredient quality, combination and dosage to ensure that every formula creates a medicinal and powerful effect.”

What are your top 3 tips on how to eat healthy during fashion week and those crazy work weeks when you are on the run? 


Firstly, I swear by a nourishing and satiating breakfast that contains protein, fibre and good fats to naturally support energy levels, so make sure you prioritise this in the morning. It’s so important for blood sugar control and helps to combat fatigue. It could be something like a wholesome smoothie, overnight oats (which are great to make the night before and grab-and-go for busy days), or eggs, toast and avocado.


If you’re out and about, carry some healthy snacks in your bag so you always have something to reach for when you need it. Bliss balls, clean protein bars, fruit, veggies and nut/seed mix are all great options.


When you get back from a busy day and need a healthy meal in a flash, I swear by ‘one-pan’ recipes. These nourishing dishes have become some of my signature recipes for a reason. They are super simple and, as the name suggests, they only require one pan – throw everything into the pan, pop into the oven, bake and come back to dinner ready to serve. I love these so much that there’s a whole section dedicated to one-pan dinners on the blog.

What is your absolute go-to vitamin or supplement and why?


This changes, so I don’t have just one. I keep it simple. I tune into my body and supplement based on my needs of that time. This is why I created our JSHealth Vitamins range – as a simplified vitamin approach to problem solve specific health needs.


Right now I am taking:

Morning: Detox Debloat, Iron+, Vitamin D+, Probiotic+ and Vitality X + Collagen.

Evening: PM+ Sleep and Calm Mind

What star sign are you? And do you have the typical traits of this sign?


Aries and a typical aries I would say!

Passionate, ambitious, emotional and loyal.


But, I do have that fire in me that often needs to be reigned in!!


Dieting!!! Give us the 411 is it a hard no from you? What are ways you can cut back or detox without dieting? 


The whole foundation of ‘the healthy life’ is to find balance with food and a healthy relationship with your body, so dieting is definitely out the door as it is not supportive of this… my philosophy is the anti-diet movement! I also don’t believe in any form of restriction around food, as this feeds an unhealthy mindset. I prefer to focus on adding in, rather than cutting back… so think of adding in as many colourful vegetables and nourishing whole foods into your meals, then leave room to still enjoy your favourite treats in moderation – without any guilt!


When it comes to ‘detoxing,’ this is also a word I am cautious of as unfortunately, it has become another fad. However, if you are looking to support the natural processes of your body or ‘reset’ after a period of more indulgence than usual (whether it be rich foods or excess alcohol etc.), then I recommend the JSHealth 2 Week Reset Challenge, which you will find in the JSHealth App. It’s full of supportive ways to balance your body, including delicious liver-loving recipes, meal plans, effective 10-minute workouts and meditations.


Another gentle way give your body some extra TLC is with our J Detox + Debloat formula – which is not in any way related to a fad detox or cleanse! It truly supports the natural detoxification processes that your liver works hard to do every single day, whilst also reducing bloating with effective ingredients founded on strong scientific research, including Fennel, Turmeric and Milk Thistle.

At THE UPSIDE we’re all about “Owning The Morning” and making the most out of those few hours that you have to yourself in the AM. Can you share your morning ritual with us and tell us how it makes you feel?


Each morning I’ll wake up around 7.30am as I need my 8 hours of sleep each night. I continue my technology ban from the evening before – so no checking of social media, texts or emails –  until after I’ve been awake for at least 30-40 minutes and practised my wholesome morning routine.

I love to start my day with gratitude, then a 30 min workout from the JSHealth App, followed by a piccolo coffee, a 10-minute meditation practice and then I get ready for work. I usually eat breakfast once I get to the office. I’ll fuel my body with the JSHealth Power Protein Smoothie or – my current obsession – wholesome seed toast topped with cheddar cheese and tomato! This leaves me feeling positive, energised and ready for the day ahead.

JSHealth Power Protein Smoothie

We all have those “guilty” pleasures, can you share any advice to UPSIDERS on how to relieve food guilt when you may have overindulged?


I am the first to admit that I indulge in “not-so-healthy” things! But ultimately, this freedom with food is what true health is about. See, indulgence with moderation keeps me on track and also reduces the need to overeat or binge. When you give yourself permission to indulge and enjoy all foods, the need to overeat disappears, as does the guilt.

It was so special to reflect on how far I have come when I was able to fully enjoy my birthday weekend this year, free from anxiety about food. I indulged and enjoyed every mouthful, without any guilt. My energy was spent living life, connecting with my loved ones and relaxing, instead of obsessing over food rules.

When you give up the restriction mentality around food, you will notice how much better your relationship with food and your body becomes.

If you are feeling the “guilt” setting in after indulging, take some deep belly breaths and say a positive body affirmation… “I give up on extremes around food and commit to the Healthy Life, for life – with balance as my constant. I love, nourish and trust my body.”

A big focus for fashion week for us was reconnecting to the land and appreciating our beautiful Australian landscape. Can you share some of your favourite places in Australia to visit or travel to?


Queensland! Noosa has become a go-to for my husband and I. I feel it shows off the typical Australian life so beautifully – surf culture, healthy fresh food, scenic walks and the best ocean swims.


If you were stuck on an island, what are 3 things you have to have with you?


  • My husband, number 1. Cannot live without him!
  • Water with our Vitality X Collagen to keep my vitality up!
  • A delicious linen quilt and slippers to keep me warm and comfortable.


Finally, are you able to share a mantra, quote or song with us that is special to you?


These 4 words truly resonate with me: Kindness. Balance. Nourishment. Peace.