Written by Kim Diandra Sippel, Pilates Instructor and Wellness Ambassador

You might have heard about ‘The Divine Feminine’, or balancing out masculine and feminine energy. When comparing these energies, literature is referring to an energetic spirit that makes out the energetic balance within each and every one of us. These complimentary energies are represented by various symbols and figures and have a long religious history worldwide. In ancient Chinese tradition for example, these opposing energies are being referred to as Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine).

Male energy is being referred to as bringing out our assertive, practical and our dominant side, whereas our feminine energy channels our intuitive, creative and caring side. In order for us to obtain balance within ourselves, we can channel either the feminine or the masculine energy through mindful practices.

Photographed by - Jen DeBerigny

When we’re feeling stressed and pressured to achieve, some of us find it hard to stay open, flexible, loving and empathetic as we feel the need to be competitive and assert ourselves against dominant colleagues and friends. Ways to get in touch with your feminine energy in order to stay balanced in life start with a moment of reflection and pause to understand what your body and mind need. Feminine energy is all about connection with other human beings, being vulnerable and open, being creative and intuitive, embracing fluidity, caring for others while giving and receiving love. Here are some idea that might help you dive into these feminine traits of your body and soul:

 Maybe you find that your mind is racing and you need to make time for mindful practices like meditation, journaling to structure your thoughts, going for a walk or reconnecting with nature with a bush walk or a dip in the ocean.

 Perhaps you crave connection with other females in order to feel safe, loved, seen and heard. You can join a moon or women’s circle, call a close friend and talk about your feelings, or plan an activity like a sauna or going to a concert together.

 Nurturing your body through warm, nutrient-dense food and stimulating several other senses like your smell through burning incense or a warm bath enriched by essential oils can help you reconnect with your feminine energy.  

Achieving a deeper connection with your inner self through intuitive movement like dancing, yoga or even a run can rebalance your energy and bring spontaneity back into your life. Try to not think about how you look but go with the flow, turn up the volume of your favourite tune and let your hair down. Be as present as possible and enjoy feeling the feeling of freedom and release.