Though it’s been years since athleisure made its first sartorial debut, we still all live in our activewear and we wouldn’t have it any other way. But whether it’s tequila, a newborn or many an espresso keeping us up all hours of the night, it’s easy to get complacent when Saturday morning rolls around.


To remedy this, we have carved out a space, called #SPORTMYSTYLE, where we aim to inspire you to find the perfect moment where fashion meets function for your strolls, asanas, swings, and those moments in between.


This week we meet Maina, an artist, singer, songwriter, model, your friendly neighbourhood big ideas gal and businesswoman. She dances a lot — that’s for her soul (and performances!) For movement, she looks to knitted and natural fabrics which help to encourage uninterrupted flow .


When styling her athleisure wear beyond the studio, she’s obsessed with a good jumper or hoodie and loves wearing loose fitting sports pants. Good shoes, dope sunnies and a cool bag usually finish the look off for her.



Sport Maina’s style, she wears the Norfolk Rory Knit Bra & Norfolk Lucia Knit Short



Use 10 words to describe yourself
Bold, imaginative, creative, caring, funny, encyclopedia, resilient, confident, observer, sweet


What’s your favourite part of your career?
That I speak and sing, using my voice in all aspects to connect to people.


How do you incorporate movement through your work?

I move with music when I am on stage and in the studio, I use movement as a compass to gauge how much the music I’m making influences my body. I also use movement and dance in my everyday life to get rid of stagnant energy and to connect with my body.


How do you express yourself?
Through words, melodies, style and movement.


How would you describe your personal style in three words?
Fluid, effortless and street.


Who has had the greatest influence on your style?
Cher, Aaliyah, Betty Davis, Donna Summer and Andre 3000 in the 90s/2000s


One accessory you wouldn’t leave the house without.


Hat or sunglasses?


Lo or high-tops?
Lo tops


Do you wear jewellery when you work out?
I almost always wear earrings or studs


Duffle, tote, purse or backpack?


Your go-to exercise?
I love doing long morning or early evening runs


What’s the best style advice you’ve ever received?
That I should never dress to impress men


What motivates you to get active when you’re in a funk?
A hype song or seeing Toni Harvey’s body


How does working out make you feel?
Alive and sexy


What’s the most important thing to you when you’re looking for activewear?
Practicality that makes my figure looks amazing


What’s your favourite colour and why?
Green because it is the colour of my energy


Workout play list … GO!
Bussin – Pink Siifu
Monster – Jermaine Elliot
Ass Like That – Victoria Monet
Catfish – Taylor*
Eye Tell – Jim Legacy
Lay Wit Ya – Isaiah Rashad


What is your favourite destination to get active outdoors and explore?
I’d love to explore the Borneo Island in Indonesia


Your favourite local place to get active?
I love working out at Sydney Park


Give us three ways to style your activewear?
Baggy/comfortable, tight and flattering, sleek and clean


The current book/podcast you’re loving?
Create Dangerously by Albert Camus


The hardest workout you’ve ever done.
Wing chun kung fu