No party is complete without her. No morning makes sense without us. So what happens when Nadia Fairfax and The Upside play for the same crew? PURE. MOVING. MAGIC, that’s what. Nadia, needs no introduction, buuut we’ll introduce her anyway, because a little bit of ceremony makes an occasion afterall. She’s the pocket dynamo who has somersaulted into the screenshots of women everywhere. Surprising and delighting us with every sartorial serve, this former gymnast knows how to make heads turn for all the right reasons.

Way back when, on the pure shores of Pipeline, Hawaii, Nadia met Jodhi. And oh boy, did sparks fly and the good times roll. Friends may come and friends may go but there’s a special few you hold tight.. and like a fine wine, the story of Jodes and Nards gets better with every season.

We had a ball the first time around, so we’re back at it and in fine form. This 2021 we bring you the long awaited sequel to The Upside x N.F. Think preppy but make it cute – inspired by the collegiate cool of pool parties, ping pong and borrowed-from-your-boyfriend, this collection champions 70s tennis silhouettes and an Americana palette of red, white and blue that feels at once varsity and v. chic. Game. Set. LOVE.