12 April 2021

The new moon in Aries is a firestarter that arrives determined to dazzle. As the lunar initiation point of the new astrological year, it asks us to take stock of all we have learned from The Year That Changed The World. To integrate its lessons, to make peace with what we may have lost and look to what can now fill these yawning gaps. If it does not set your soul on fire, that’s not it.


The new moon is part of a stellium of planets in Aries, all of whom are willing us to begin again from precisely where we are standing. Chiron in Aries is no longer interested in what knocked us down and utterly fascinated by how we rise and overcome it. Venus in Aries is emboldened to follow her heart, ignoring the naysayers and snarks who shout from the sidelines while never taking the field themselves. Mercury is asking us to change our mindset from beaten to better and charge forward from there. Eris brings welcome disruption to regular programming and encourages fertile chaos, the kind that generates change.


Every revolution needs a leader and a plan, including yours. The new moon in Aries takes us over the threshold with a shout and a dazzling smile, encouraging us to take action on our long held dreams and desires for our life. Fearlessly charging towards them, all sparked up without the shadow of self-doubt. One bold step at a time, leading from the front. The days of shrinking violets and self-deprecation are done. If you want to cross new frontiers, you will have to make the journey into unknown territory yourself. Go forth and conquer.


Crystal: Garnet

Flower: Blood red roses in bud

Spirit Animal: Dragon

Look: Bold and fearless

Ritual: Set a fresh intention to thrive and take a step every day to make it so


Bohomofo is an Australian writer and astrologer who blogs daily her Astro for the New World. You can join Bohomofo online for regular full and dark moon events that include the astrological inside running, ritual, meditation and storytelling. Bohomofo hosts The Coven Electric for the witch-curious and works by day as a tarot reader and shadow guide. Discover her magic on Insta here or at www.bohomofo.com