10 JULY 2021

This month’s new moon in Cancer draws a conclusion to a confounding passage. Between eclipse season and Mercury’s switch hitting retrograde, we have been deeply altered and irreversibly shifted. This new moon grants us exit from both and there is no going back now, only a future emergence into a world we are still envisioning in the face of dystopian reality and shifting information. Again turning us inwards to tend the temple and make a difference the only place we really can.


Despite the trilling of new beginnings and the often palpable lift beyond the treacle and tears of the dark moon in Cancer, its tender rebirth is a vulnerable introduction to our newest iteration. This cardinal new moon is yet another swinging door, our next initiation and conception point. Becoming is a constant slipstream that keeps meeting our yearning and begging our renunciation, making space and overflowing it.


Last year we had two Cancer new moons and both were eclipses. The clarion call of the mothers – moon and earth, mothers and daughters – for change long overdue. A year on, we can look now to the progress made and the work still in front of us, adjusting course and commitment. But like all the very best work, we must begin with ourselves.


The Cancer new moon tucks us firmly within so we may once and for all realise the deepest bud of belonging and nurture our home in this world. Elevate self-care to a high art and prioritise nourishment over empty calories, particularly when it comes to relationships. Tune into dreams and intuitions as guidance above and beyond a braying world. Trust yourself above all else.


A cacophony of influences lend their flavour to the new moon. Urania brings significant lightning and shock factor to the flip, which can lead to necessary innovation and change. Neptune stirs the clouds and our compassion, softening any sharp edges still smarting from harsh contact. Pluto widely opposes the new moon and mumbles about rebirth across the void. Venus and Mars primp and preen for their incendiary meeting in Leo next week, reinvigorating relationship and resetting their union.


The Cancer new moon is always an invitation to come all the way home to yourself. Gently drape yourself on the leading edge of your life and begin to imagine what dreams may this way come.


Crystal: Moonstone

Flower: Grandmother roses

Spirit Animal: Soft-shell crab

Look: Cosy and curvy

Ritual: Bathe in flowers and botanicals to nurture and nourish your new moon intentions


Bohomofo is an Australian writer and astrologer who blogs daily her Astro for the New World. You can join Bohomofo online for regular full and dark moon events that include the astrological inside running, ritual, meditation and storytelling. Bohomofo hosts The Coven Electric for the witch-curious and works by day as a tarot reader and shadow guide. Discover her magic on Insta here or at www.bohomofo.com