The new moon in Virgo rises as a transformative blessing, encouraging us all to set fresh roots and seed new beginnings in service of our future selves and the world they will inhabit. It offers resurrection after a torrid passage through the uncertainty of a world stuck fast in its own birth canal. Now may our tender ministrations and loving attention deliver purpose and set new paths for us to follow.

The new moon is always rebirth, coming after the death of the old cycle and from the darkness we are moving so slowly through now. This cycle that dwells in our bodies and our lives, natural fertility and creativity giving way to attrition and decay, the rise and fall, the swell and gloom, the tragic end and the hopeful rebirth. The constant whirl of life itself framed by its omnipotent shadow, the ever present spectre of death. In all its guises, death is a transformer that conjures something new. Rebirth after death or dormancy in the living becomes resurrection.

The virgin’s moon is beholden to naught but her own path. In exact trine to Urania she delivers a wake up call that sets us firmly upon it. She ascends as she roots down firmly in beloved terroir, spiritually grounded with cut glass clarity. Her pragmatic nature separates the wheat from the chaff, clears the frame of its clutter and the curios that speaks to olden days far from now.

In a starry sea of trines between our inner and outer planets, we too are conciliating our unique hieros gamus. Merc’s rulership of this lune from Libra spotlights the relational field as his trine to Saturn rx in Aquaria tickles our humanity and commits us to fresh foundations.

Even it is just a seed you plant today, deep in the belly of your own life, tend to its growth. Nourish its environs, and yours. Nurture its sprouting and believe in its blossom.

Crystal: Jade

Plant ally: Fern

Spirit animal: Tree Frog

Look: Sustainable

Ritual: Plant something

Bohomofo is an astrologer, tarot reader and writer from Australia.

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