Get limber with Lily

An ex-professional ballerina, diploma qualified Pilates teacher and founder of Limber Co. Lily’s love of movement started from a young age, taking her through full-time ballet school in the UK to a professional career in Canada.

Combining all her experience, extensive knowledge, eye for detail and supportive teaching style ensures clients leave each class feeling stronger, empowered and more confident in their own skin.

If you’re up for a serious challenge, try the below Limber workout designed to strengthen the full body!

(video at the end of article)

~ Kneeling Rotations ~ 6
Option to do this seated or standing depending on knee issues.

 Keep hips, knees and feet in line and still throughout.
Rotate from above the waist. Torso moving not just the arms.
Keep length in the spine by Imagining a string attached to the top of your head pulling up to the ceiling.

 ~ Rotator cuff Openings and reach ~ 10
Option to stay seated to regress.

On the openings stay at a 90 degree angle and pivot from the elbow and shoulder.
Don’t take any strain into the wrist. Keep wrist straight.
When you go to reach the arms out try not to throw your weight backwards and sink into your lumbar (lower back). Keep shoulders, hips and knees stacked.

 ~ Draw the sword ~ 10
Option to stay seated to regress.

 Only extend the arm out as far as you can restrain the shoulder from lifting.
Keep hips, knees, and shoulders stacked throughout.
Wrist is straight so you don’t get any strain.

 ~ Bicep Curl ~ 10
Option to add a knee lift to progress.

 Keep legs, hips and shoulders all in line
Keep elbow lifted throughout
Keep reaching top of head to ceiling so you don’t throw your shoulders back and over arch your lumbar spine.

 ~ Lunge ~ 8
Option to do without the band.

Abdominals engaged throughout to help with stability and control
Keep shoulders, hips, knees and feet in line.
Keep weight into the front heel, making sure it’s equal between the two legs as you lunge the back knee down.

 ~ Rocking Lunge ~ 8
Option to do without the band.

Create length by reaching the back leg away from the front arm.
Feel the lats engaged as the arm reaches forward. This will stop the shoulder from rising.
Keep the standing leg bend with your weight into heel.

~ Arabesque ~ 6/8
Option to do without the band.

Abdominal, abdominals, abdominals!
Focus on a spot at the end of your mat to assist with balance.
Keep the standing leg bend with your weight into heel.