Nadia wears our Pacific Boo Knit and Pacific Speechless Knit Shorts



UPSIDER Nadia Fairfax is well-versed in ROAMING around the globe. Her latest trip had us in wanderlust and restless to get out and about to experience the magic of destinations like Türkiye and Morocco for ourselves. We take five minutes to chat about the inspiration for her latest trip and get an insight on how to journey in style and with vivacious energy.



Left – Nadia wears the Pacific Rory Knit Bra & Pacific Speechless Knit Shorts
Right – Nadia wears the Balance Seamless Rowie Tank & Caspian Jupiter Pant


How did you decide on your recent travel destinations and what was the reason behind each choice?
We went to Bodrum for our “Buddymoon” as it was where I worked as a young adult, and we truly think it’s one of the most fabulous places in the world – we wanted to share it without friends who wouldn’t really have thought of Türkiye as a destination in past years. The rest of our trip was about new destinations. Michael and I took each other to places the other hadn’t been before and then our final spot – Morocco neither of us had ventured before!


Have any of your travel destinations been inspired by movies or music, if so, why?
Not so much movies or music, but food shows! My husband is a real lover of all cuisine. We watch a lot of cooking or chef related shows. Sometimes we will travel to a destination for a specific restaurant that we want to dine in.


How does travel and seeing the world inspire you? Décor, styling, content etc?
I find traveling so humbling. It reminds me that sometimes the things I put value on, don’t really matter. It reminds me to invest my time in my loved ones and be happy with where I am in life.


How many photos in your camera roll?
I broke my phone on this last trip and rushed to Samsung in Paris and picked up a new one. So, I am only up to 1985 photos right now! Will fill up very quickly though.


How do you choose locations for where you want to shoot your content?
Still learning – most certainly not a photographer. I am often drawn to any kind of symmetry, shadows and any sort of colour.


Image taken by Nadia while shooting THE UPSIDE in Istanbul



What have been your five favourite places to dine on this trip and why?
From Istanbul-Urla to Bodrum the food in Türkiye really is mind blowing! We are also huge fans of tagines – I had the best one I’ve ever had in my life in Tangier. A place that Anthony Bourdain frequented. It was lamb, with figs, apricots and almonds (My mouth is watering just thinking about it!)


What is your travel style?
Comfortable with crazy accessories to give a look life.


What is one thing you never travel without?
I mean the usual things like toothbrush, swimsuit and adapter… but nothing specific to be honest. I think it’s fab not to be too heavily “coupled” with any item when traveling. The mentally of not relying on anything explicitly speaks to me.


What makes a good travel buddies/partner?
People who are happy to go with the flow. I’ve been away with a few people in the past who are a little “my way or the highway” and it’s not ideal. Travel is a windy road and things change day to day, it’s about embracing that part of it and having a good giggle when somethings don’t turn out quite right.


What is your best travel tip?
Hotels over Airbnb’s! The help and service are worth the extra dollars.


Most people love to travel to find the best food but what else are you looking for on your adventures?
I love to learn. I call my husband “Lonely Planet” as he is very well versed in world history. We often spend the evenings after dinner in bed googling more on the locations or sites we’ve visited that day.


What souvenirs do you bring home?
Rarely anything. When traveling I spend on the experience and creating the memories. I especially don’t buy anything I can buy online or at home…. If anything, lately it’s been artisanal homewares!


Travel beauty, give us a run down!
I feel a lot more comfortable not wearing makeup while travelling. Perhaps I feel a little less judged? I love the effortless energy of so many beautiful European people. It inspires me to go more natural with my day-to-day look. It’s very simple. I typically use The Cleanser by Rationale, followed my Micro Beauty Essence, Advanced Night repair serum and Eye Matrix, followed by a tonne of Creme De La Mer Moisturizer. I’m trying to become more regular with my SPF, but I need to work on it. Lucky my everyday Foundation (Estee Lauder Double Wear Sheer) has a little SPF in it! My skin is quite dry, so it’s rare for me to use any sort of “stripping” products, it’s all about looking dewy all day for me.



Nadia wears the Atlas Airi Top