Andy Kovszun tells us why she incorporates movement on her holidays

Andy wears our Marle Seamless Ariella Bra & Marle Seamless Midi Pant



UPSIDER Andy Kovszun’s takes us ROAMING with her in St. Martin after a long-awaited trip back home following the pandemic. We take five minutes to chat about her packing essentials and the impact that nature has on her travel choices, as well as why movement is an important part of every holiday for her.



Left: Andy wears the Ditsy Paisley Nina Bra & Ditsy Paisley Midi Pant
Right: Andy wears our Nomad Tess Top & Nomad Spin Short



Where are you currently travelling/roaming?

Currently I am in St. Martin, a small island in the Caribbean, off the coast of Florida, in the U.S It’s where I grew up and spent most of my childhood. It’s a very small island, you can go around in about 3 or 4 hours.


Why did you choose this destination?

I haven’t been here in over ten years and hadn’t seen my mom in 3 years since covid. It was long overdue and something I really needed to do. After spending 8 years in Australia, I am grateful to be able to travel, but also for where life took me and having the privilege of living somewhere like Sydney.


Have you visited somewhere wild and natural in this place, if so, where is it? 

I recently did a road trip along the north coast of Western Australia, and it was truly fantastic. The landscape there is incomparable. It’s rugged, raw, and vibrant. You feel very small, yet at the same time you get this great sense of adventure. Like you can do anything, go anywhere. It’s the feeling of being completely off grid from everyday life, with a deep connection to nature. I LOVED it.


Andy in Western Australia wearing our Marle Seamless Ariella Bra & Marle Seamless Midi Pant



Where do you work out on trips? 

If I’m anywhere with yoga studios or fitness classes, I’ll always try and take a class or two. It’s a great way to get involved in the community! Otherwise, I’ll go for a swim or surf if there’s an ocean, and always do a stretch or two myself whenever I feel like it. Movement is so important when I’m travelling! I always feel more energised and in a better mental space if I carve out even just 20mins for a workout. I also really love The Pilates Class with Jacqui Kingswell online. If I’m stuck, she’s my go to!

My go-to workout is yoga/Pilates for a morning stretch which I always do with a meditation and some journaling to set myself up for the day. If I’m travelling somewhere exotic, I’ll definitely make sure to go outside. Hikes, runs, surf, general exploring … I’m very outdoorsy and love being in nature so it’s a no brainer for me!


How do you #SPORTMYSTYLE? 

I pretty much live in activewear! You’ll always see me running around in bike shorts (hands down the greatest fashion invention!) with a crop top and loose shirt or tee and a cap and some cool sneakers. Style and comfort are key, but I also need to be able to go from a yoga studio to a shoot or meeting at any moment, so biker shorts are great for me to dress up or down.



Andy wears our Soft Seamless Anna Bra & Soft Seamless Spin Shorts in Guava



How would you describe your travel style in 3 words?

“Oh my goodness” Kidding. I would probably say: Overpacked, Comfortable and Activewear.


Favourite studios / gyms /wellness spaces you’ve ever been to while traveling?

I recently travelled to Bali and it’s my absolute favourite place for a wellness/healthy holiday. There are so many great studios, cafes with healthy food and wellness spas. It’s the best place to get pampered and take care of yourself on holiday!

I always stay in the same area when I visit Bali (Uluwatu/Bingin) and would highly recommend going to: Bali Training Centre for anything HIIT/cardio (And a great sweat session!). You can then grab a juice and some healthy breakkie at Cashew Tree Cafe right next door.

For Yoga:

Yoga Searcher in Uluwatu

Mu Bungalows

Morning Light Yoga Studio at Uluwatu Surf Villas.


What are your packing essentials for every trip?

I always pack some breathable/comfortable activewear because I know whatever happens, I’ll be moving/exploring around. When I’m on the plane, it’s always leggings/some sort of spandex bottoms and a sports bra with a tee and a really soft, travel scarf I wrap around myself whenever I get cold. It also doubles as a sarong when I hit the beach.

I’ll try and make sure there are a couple of casual, low-key outfits as well as one nice dress or fancy outfit. Depending on where I’m travelling to I may or may not need much. If it’s somewhere remote like a surf/yoga retreat to the Mentawais, then a few bikinis, shorts and a crop top and some face zinc is all I need.

Sunscreen is a must as are iPhone and AirPods for capturing memories and listening to podcasts/audiobooks for any kind of long flights or drives. I never travel without a well-stocked vanity case of face wipes, moisturisers and toothbrush/toothpaste. I always end up packing more then I need, but a girl needs options!



Andy in Bali wears our Pacific Rory Knit Bra & Pacific Speechless Knit Shorts



Spill…what does your baggage weigh on a typical trip?

Following up on the last question, recently it’s been somewhere between 20-22.5 kilos… Which is just under the baggage allowance of 23kg. Whenever I travel with a surfboard that tends to double since I have a board bag and normal luggage. Ah… being a girl.


Go-to accessories to dress any outfit up?

Some nice gold earrings, jewellery. A cute purse.


Slides or sneakers?

Slides, always. But sneakers if it’s going to get rough.


Heels or dressy flats?

Flats, always.


Your ultimate travel playlist must include…

A bit of Reggae. A lot of disco boogie and some Bossa Nova. Some chill/ambient relaxation sounds for good measure. So very eclectic.