with Scarlett Stevens

Some weeks ago we spoke to San Cisco drummer Scarlett Stevens at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre ahead of her last Sydney Concert. While the world might have slowed down since then,  Scarlett’s words of haven’t faded and more than ever we love hearing from creatives speak passionately about their field.

What is the first thing everyone should know about you?

I’m pretty good at Ping Pong!


What is your star sign?



What drew you to music and the drums?

I was always drawn to the arts as a kid, I knew from a really young age I wanted to be a performer. My parents aren’t musical but they owned a bar in North Fremantle that was a bit of a hub for live music and original bands in the late 90s and early 00s so I grew up around musicians and that’s where I got the idea to learn drums. Josie and the Pussycats (the movie with Tara Reid) was also a big inspiration, that was the first time I’d seen a woman play drums and the impetus for me to want to be in a band.

Was djing a natural progression for you and were you already doing this when you started playing the drums or did it come after? 

I grew up in a house with lots of amazing disco records and that’s how I first learnt the basics of how to DJ, with my parents’ vinyl, so it’s very nostalgic for me. I still DJ with vinyl because it’s fun collecting records and I think it sounds better!



Beryl Streep – best dj / insta name going around, how did this come about ? 

Haha thanks! It started off as an alias but it’s pretty much become synonymous with my real name now. I’m a bit of an old soul so Beryl feels very true to my spirit and Meryl Streep is just a legend.


What gets your creativity flowing and gets you in the mood to make music?

I’m a very visual person and the reciprocal nature of fashion to music is something that has always inspired me. I love making music as much as I love dressing up for stage and coming up with concepts for video clips and shoots. I think inspiration can be found almost anywhere if you’re open to it.

How did San Cisco form?

I’ve known Jordi since we were babies and met the other boys when we were all in highschool. When we were teenagers Jordi and I both played in different bands and eventually he asked me to play drums for his solo project. Josh and Nick ended up playing on that recording and San Cisco was born.



How would you describe your band’s sound and the birth of this? 

Our sound has changed a lot over the last 10 years we’ve been a band and since we released ‘Awkward’ but I guess the same pop elements remain. When we first started out we were inspired by indie bands like the Strokes, MGMT, the XX, Phoenix. We all have a soft spot for the 70s and I guess that feeds into our sound, especially on our most recent record ‘Between You and Me’.



In a post Covid world, where are you most looking forward to touring?

New York and Mexico City. I miss the buzz you get from being in a big city.

Can you share a quote / mantra with us that gets you through life?

Live your truth. Don’t take life too seriously.



What was your favourite look whilst shooting with THE UPSIDE ? 

I adore the two tone flared pants set and the quilted jacket.

Check out San Cisco news and tour dates here https://www.sancisco.com/#tour