27 APRIL 2021

The Scorpio full moon is always one of the most intense but this year she is potently magnified, delivering transformation on a scale unseen. Scorpio is an unashamed power player unrivalled in its ability to raise the dead, tickle the underbelly and shake up the unsettled within us. The moon’s perigree position closest to earth marks this a supermoon and magnifies its effect.


The full moon in Scorpio peaks in breathtaking form opposite the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Urania all in Taurus. Our personal planets receive a giant wake-up call from the latter, whose task in Taurus is to reconnect us to our values and make sustainable change in proper alignment to them. Squaring Saturn, this change will take work to craft firm foundations that serve our future self rather than our past.


The Scorp full moon dredges our depths and intensifies what it finds there. The tension of opposites forces us to choose between standing your ground and simply digging your heels in. Be guided by the strength of feeling aroused in you as your bodily response to environment and circumstance. No feeling is final but it will stay – and shout under these stars – until it is heard, acknowledged and allowed to flow towards wisdom. No feeling is bad, even when it is inconvenient or uncomfortable. Not all our messengers arrive glammed up.


You can bet a boob on this Scorpio full moon getting under your skin one way or another. What its blazing gaze reveals is often tucked behind repression, denial or control. It invites you to dive, dancing on your surface glass like a siren and calling you to your courage. In scorpion territory the name of the game is rebirth, a journey that leads you through the valley of death. You cannot court bloom without compost, nor can you leapfrog entropy in a whir of self harming bypass. Instead look well to what you can sacrifice or banish upon the altar of this Scorp super moon. The urge to purge is ignored at your peril, this close to eclipse season.


Crystal: Jet

Flower: Lotus

Spirit Animal: Phoenix

Look: Power dressing

Ritual: Spells to let go of the outdated


Image uncredited: Sourced through Pinterest.


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