Though it’s been years since athleisure made its first sartorial debut, we still all live in our activewear and we wouldn’t have it any other way. But whether it’s tequila, a newborn or many an espresso keeping us up all hours of the night, it’s easy to get complacent when Saturday morning rolls around.

To remedy this, we have carved out a space, called #SPORTMYSTYLE, where we aim to inspire you to find the perfect moment where fashion meets function for your strolls, asanas, swings, and those moments in between.

This week we speak to Bakhita, a South Sudanese model based in Sydney who likes to draw, run and dance. Most of all she likes to have fun.

On — and off — the dance floor, it’s sneakers, high socks, and a cardigan for her. She’s drawn to the 2000s for inspiration and loves to add in plenty of streetwear, to give a down-to-earth feel to her style.




Use 10 words to describe yourself
Ten words that would describe me would be , bubbly ,energetic , random , vocal , goofy , emotional , intuitive , protective , kind , clumsy.


What’s your favourite part of your career?
My favourite part of my career would simply be- being able to work in an industry, that I have wanted to be part of from a very young age. I grew up watching fashion tv series such as project runway, The Face, America’s and Australia’s next top model – so now being a part of it all is so fulfilling.

I always enjoy meeting and working with new people and being a part of exciting projects and shoots and seeing those stories and concepts come to life through the images


How do you incorporate movement through your work?
I incorporate movement through posing helps me get into the groove of things


3 words that best describe your personal style?
90s, comfy , nostalgic


Who has had the greatest influence on your style?
A big influence in my personal style would be from 2000’s and 90s  hip hop, Rap and R&b music videos I draw inspiration from them and incorporate into my own personal style .


One accessory you wouldn’t leave the house without.
A tote bag for all my essentials


Hat or sunglasses?
Sunglasses for sure


Lo or high-tops?
High top shoes


Do you wear jewellery when you workout?
Gold hoop earrings


Duffle, tote, purse or backpack?
Tote Bags


Your go-to exercise?
My go to exercises are running and Lunges


What’s the best style advice you’ve ever received?
The best piece of advice “put your feelings into your work “, and “don’t be a prisoner to your own thoughts”.


What motivates you to get active when you’re in a funk? How does working out make you feel?
Music helps me get into my workout mood  & Working out makes me feel energised


What’s the most important thing to you when you’re looking for activewear?
The most important things to look for when wanting activewear is Quality of fabrics , functionality , colours and how well it will affect your performance.


What’s your favourite colour and why?
My favourite colour is bright blue because been my favorite forever


Workout play list … GO!
My workout playlist 


What is your favourite destination to get active outdoors and explore?
Favourite place to get active is gym


Give us three ways to style your activewear?
Three ways I would style activewear would be wearing leggings and a sports bra with a trench coat sneakers and a baseball hat . Activewear set with a puffer jacket, high socks and sneakers . And also shorts with white long sleeve turtleneck ,jumper and  gold jewellery.


The current book/podcast you’re loving?
The podcast I’m currently loving is the Pepp Talk podcast  by Breeny Lee and I’m currently reading the light we cannot see.


The hardest workout you’ve ever done.
The hardest workout i’ve done was cardio step classes