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April is your birthday forecast – your time to shine! This month heralds in a new 12-month cycle of fresh dreams and wishes. Discovering your voice and ‘message’ features heavily throughout 2021, as you applied maturity and acceptance of your own path forward in 2020. On the 4th of April, the Sun, Venus and Mercury are all in your sign, Aries. This indicates the 1st house of ‘self’ is your top priority in these first 3 weeks. Slowly, and rather quietly, your destiny is connecting itself to the greater purpose of your life. On the 12th, a New Moon marks beginnings and also joins your sign and your 1st house. Personal development, image, reputation and direction are main themes. The North Node in Gemini is in your 3rd house of communication, underlining the fact that for now, you are the messenger, and there is something urgent you need to talk about. Relationships are also key to how you progress in the next few months ahead. Specifically about those ‘core’ people you can’t live without. There can be noise coming from your social circle, and it’s up to you to deal with rumours head first.

Regardless, life is moving in strides, just keep being courageous with your efforts. Be deliberate in your actions – this way you invite a plethora of magical meetings. On the 15th, Venus moves into your 2nd house of finance, followed by the Sun and Mercury joining here on the 20th in the sign of Taurus. Birthday season coming to an end can feel a little emotional, but you’re more ready than ever to connote tackling the issues that need to be resolved once and for all. Give yourself a moment, and then keep going! FORWARD is the only direction. On the 24th, Mars, your ruler, enters Cancer and your cosy 4th house of home and family. Refining your space, decorating or nesting, it’s all about making the most of your ‘space’. Aggression can be expressed inwardly, and this can make for a challenging transit over the next couple of weeks. Mars does not enjoy being in the sign of Cancer, so keep your head above water by focusing firmly on your peace of mind. On the 27th, a Full Moon in Scorpio shifts into the mysterious 8th house which rules over shared debt, finance issues and intimacy. May is another kettle of fish, as Taurus season brings sense and sensibility to the forefront. The big focus will revolve around the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 26th/27th – you may experience an emotional imbalance that causes you great discomfort. In the end, you will see this scenario had to take place, for you to surrender and grow through it. Hold steady on your impulsive streak, and don’t get into an argument you can’t find your way out of.



For early Taureans, birthday season begins at the end of April. Excitement is in the air and you feel life softly surrounding you. Take a moment to pause and honour how far you’ve come since last year. Throughout April, there is a lot of forward momentum and you are harnessing the incredible energies of the cosmos. Uranus (in your sign) is in a tight square to Saturn (in Aquarius), which is a very important transit for you to take into consideration. This will last well into July, and is all part of a ‘bigger picture’. While this tense square can uncover the hidden obstacles in your life, it’s really about the wake up call needed to break away from a bad situation that you just can’t (or won’t) fix. Let’s start from the beginning, the month opens with Mercury entering your spiritual 12th house on the 4th of April. On the 12th, a New Moon in Aries aligns with the Sun and Venus also in your 12th house of privacy. Reflective moments keep you sane in this rather busy month. On the 15th, the tide turns as Venus enters your sign, admiring and applauding you. It may be time to test the limits of freedom, in order to form an exciting reality! The Sun leaves Aries on the 20th for your sign, and the birthday party commences. Meeting up with Mercury in your 1st house of image and reputation, you must keep pushing the envelope in regards to the old way of doing things.

From the 24th, Mars enters Cancer and your 3rd house, helping to connect you with others. Contributing to the community will form scenarios in which you can grow and move. The 27th heralds in a Full Moon in Scorpio signalling a time to focus on relationships and adjusting grand expectations. People can only do so much. This volatile Moon can knock you for six if you’re not careful with your own intensity, so just let things be. Throughout May, the energy is different. Faster paced and definitely more electric, there are BIG transits occurring – and they will impact you directly until the 20th when the Sun enters Gemini. Keep an eye out for May 11th, when the New Moon in your sign draws you into its spell. You can feel extra flirty or amorous toward a friend/lover. The potential for intimacy is strong, and you’re stimulated by creative endeavours around you. The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 26th/27th is the big news however, and it’s important to not begin anything unusual at this time. Instead, meditate, contemplate, re-align yourself to the journey. This eclipse, the first of 4 this year, will touch on your 8th house which rules over the mysterious and transformational. Don’t be afraid to pull back the curtain.


Reclaiming personal power is a big theme for you, yet it’s multiple layers will take you well into the middle of the year to decipher. Priorities are shifting as birthday season etches closer, and you realign yourself to where you want to be. For you, things are getting quite intimate, mainly because you have the North Node of destiny in your 1st house. Image, reputation, goals and wishes are highlighted and your eyes are opened to where you may be losing your own identity. The Node’s align with the Eclipse cycle which also centres around the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. I think it’s easy to sense from this that developing your own individuality is what’s most important throughout 2021. Let’s map it all out for you, Gemini. It begins with Mercury in Aries joining your social 11th house on the 4th of April. Close relationships can be put to the test, and transparency is required to bring clarity to a friendship. On the 11th/12th, a New Moon in Aries is joined by the Sun, Venus and Mercury also in your 11th house of self expression. It may be time to widen your circle and let new people in. Either way, friends introduce you to rather unusual people who strike up something within you. All month, there is a very awkward transit occurring between Uranus and Saturn, showing you what you’re chained too. Tensions arise when you feel restricted by people, professions or routine – and because this aspect will repeat 3x times over the course of 2021, it’s evident these grievances don’t just wash away on their own.

On the 20th, the Sun leaves Aries for Taurus, and meets Mercury in your 12th house of surrender. Healing old fractures in relationships is possible, but loving yourself is the main priority here. Accept who you are, what you want and where you ultimately wish to go – it’s much easier that way to get through the volatile space of June and July. On the 24th, Mars shifts into your 2nd house bringing opportunity and some financial unpredictability. A Scorpio Full Moon on the 26th/27th moves into your 6th house, suggesting an ulterior route. This path to wellness can trigger a personal change, a new way of life. May can feel like quite a karmic month, where teamwork makes the dreamwork. Venus enters your sign early in the piece, on the 8th, giving you sass and extra confidence. The 20th marks your birthday season – and it’s all systems go, even with the chaotic mood hanging overhead. Finally, the month closes with a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius (your opposite sign) on the 26th. This eclipse represents the left brain/right brain axis and your continual thirst for knowledge. The month ends with Mercury, your ruler, turning retrograde until mid-June. It’s a tough retrograde, one that appreciates a quick mind and slick attitude.



Life is giving you a new timeframe in which to work in. By default, you always focus on others, taking on too much just to help people who at times don’t show the same respect toward you. In a sense, you’re looking to surrender these obligations and develop your own path going forward. April and May can greatly further this notion, but it will be rocky before it’s calm seas. The North Node in Gemini sits in your 12th house of retreat and solitude, giving your natural intuition a moment to rest and recalibrate. Your spiritual path is leading you to a desire for a slower paced life, and you will begin to notice these shifts after the first Eclipse of the year occurring in late May. All April, there is a tense square between Saturn (planet of rules) and Uranus (planet of freedom). Certain responsibilities are ruling over your life, and you are now seeking to delegate these commitments. Slowly, something inside of you is changing, and the balance between work and service to others comes second to the peace of mind you feel when you’re alone. On the 4th of April, the Aries Sun, Venus and Mercury sit in your academic 10th house. Career is front and centre and what is developing is only furthered on the 12th, when a New Moon in Aries also shifts into the 10th house of business.

Creative endeavours that appear risky may appeal more in this time, as you sense that if you pull it off you can gain more than ever before. The comic climate is different, and you dislodge long-term ‘bad’ habits. The Sun moves into Taurus on the 20th, engaging with your social 11th house, alienating business pressure for more socially rewarding connections. However, it’s on the 24th that the mundane and magical become intertwined, as Mars enters your sign and 1st house of image and presence. Soul contracts or twin flames come to rock you, and there can be a push/pull effect between you and an ex/lover. It’s a very fertile time, and it’s increasing with the Scorpio Full Moon on the 26th/27th. This Moon will be extra heightened for you, as it’s in your fellow water sign, but more so because it engages with your romantic 5th house. Marking a wonderful time for sexual closeness and connection, as well as collaborative projects. The month of May can feel especially profound, as there is so much to unpack. The Sun enters twin sign Gemini, on the 20th, followed by the first Lunar Eclipse of the year in Sagittarius on the 26th. Your service to the world, your health and your physicality is all up for revision. Forget what you thought you knew, the end of the month signs off in its very own signature. Be careful how you proceed in certain scenarios, as Eclipses often have a very dramatic affect on you.


A great month to keep pushing and proceeding to the end goal, especially because things are about to speed up a great deal throughout the months of May, June and July. All planets are moving direct until late April, so you’ve got to use the momentum while you’ve got it, Leo. The month revolves around a tense square between Uranus (in Taurus) and Saturn (in Aquarius). Currently you have Saturn sitting in your house of committed relations, while Uranus is in your house of career. This shows the polarity that is occurring in your life – energy is scattered, you’re not sure which avenue to turn down. Inwardly, your priorities are shifting from solo time to social connection. Mercury furthers this by joining up with Venus and the Sun in Aries in your healing 9th house on the 4th of the month. The Aries New Moon on the 12th aligns with the 9th house too, advancing your thirst for knowledge, learning and sharing. You are keen to collaborate and story tell, accepting invitations to spend time with those who have the resources and ‘know how’.
On the 15th, Venus moves into your academic 10th house, and by the 20th, it is joined by the Sun in Taurus. At this point of the month, you are keenly involved in your career and you may be attempting to define your role and voice within the business community. There is empowerment at the end of the tunnel, if you can get this perfectly in tune.

Mars enters the sensitive sign of Cancer on the 24th. In your spiritually aware 12th house, everything zeros in on the silent, unseen realms of your life. Your heart has a message for you, listen! Late April (27th), heralds in a Scorpio Full Moon which engages with your homely 4th house. Everything may become about your immediate environment, where you lay your head and who you do it with. Healing a fractured family relationship can be all consuming, yet very much needed. May is a completely obscure, titialting month – and it is followed by further intensity in June, July and later November. Venus will enter Gemini on the 8th, cooling your love life right down. On the 20th of May, the Sun leaves Taurus for Gemini highlighting the more cerebral, intellectual energy in each and everyone of us. But, the big news – is the Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 26th. Dates around this eclipse can highlight problems you have, and it’s best to proceed with caution. Don’t bother trying anything new – and erect firm boundaries while you can. Because on the 29th, the month ends with a Mercury retrograde beginning in the sign of Gemini. You will be deeply attached to the memory of an ex, and it’s possible someone comes out of the woodworks to reinforce their love for you.



Your destiny lies in fulfilling your grand ambitions, and even on day’s where they feel so very far away, they’re actually always much closer than you think. April has great momentum to continue on with what you’ve been doing, and in most circumstances you will feel the powerful, cosmic push toward achieving career goals and wishes. What’s important to note is that this month begins the awkward square between Saturn (responsibility) and Uranus (freedom). The first of 3 transits this year, it’s possible to take on new status with this aspect, if you work really hard in breaking out of the usual mould. This square has some serious implications, and the nervous energy can make us have knee-jerk reactions that slow down, instead of speed up. From this, a change or separation may be part of your process. It all begins on the 4th of April, when the Aries Sun, Venus and Mercury meet in the mysterious 8th house. This house hones in on the themes of ‘rebirth, recalibration and realignment’. It is heavily linked to money matters, as well as partners you share finance with. On the 12th, a New Moon in Aries doubles down on this unusual energy, giving you something unexpected to think about. From the 20th, the Sun moves into Taurus, joining Venus in your 9th house of international administration.

Mars moves into Cancer on the 24th and your friendly 11th house, pushing you to connect on a social level. A friend can come to you for collaborative purposes or you may be delighted by a new acquaintance. A Scorpio Full Moon in your 3rd house on the 27th, clears away the outdated version of ‘being’. Don’t force yourself to be more receptive than you feel – many mood’s will strike you and there’s a reason for them all. The Astrological weather changes dramatically when May begins – as it is so heavily packed with cosmic events. Mercury, your ruler enters Gemini on the 3rd, keeping you comforted by the intellectual energy. Venus follows suit on the 8th, revitalising your love life with a bit of playfulness. The Sun then makes its move into Gemini on the 20th, followed by the most important date yet – the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. This ‘blood moon’ will occur on the 26th/27th and embody certain fiery – mutable Sagittarius qualities that you find natural to comprehend. Many of you will be seeking your next adventure, but for now, it’s best to stay put and not try anything too drastic. I say this, because only a few days later and a Mercury retrograde begins until mid-June. Focus on emotional wellbeing and family, this way you will be protected by whatever may be dredged up.


Widen your vision to incorporate everything 2021 is yet to offer up to you. As April begins you recognise the need in which to expand your horizons, the days are passing along – we are almost half way through the year! The Gemini North Node is ruling over your 9th house of travel and higher learning, encouraging you to define your personal philosophy. What is crucial? What can be let go off? You must embrace the experience before you and engage in doing things your own way. Not only are the months ahead intense and busy, but you yourself are going through growing pains that are shaping your destiny. It’s perpetuated by the Saturn-Uranus square – the first of three this year. With Saturn in Aquarius and your romantic 5th house and Uranus in Taurus and your 8th house, right away we sense a great opposition occurring between doing what you love and spending time alone. You seek freedom – yet it’s not required to release everything! This awkward transit is reflecting where we’re at socially, personally, globally, and it will only continue to intensify throughout the next few months. April is a far more structured month to March, and it begins on the 4th with Mercury joining the Aries Sun in your 7th house of committed relationships. Partnerships are on the tip of your tongue and everything seems to revolve around ‘someone else’. Such is the time before you!

There can be a tendency to lean on a partner quite heavily, and the New Moon on the 12th in Aries further deepens this trajectory you’re on. You are attempting to bring peace to a fractured relationship, and it’s driving you in a unique way. On the 20th, the Sun moves into Taurus and your mysterious 8th house, changing the scenery. Increasing intimacy stems from dropping your guard, but in a very raw and real way. No more pretending. A few days later, on the 24th, Mars moves into Cancer and your proactive 10th house; pushing away illusion, accepting business themed realities. You focus more on finances from this date forward, especially when a Full Moon in Scorpio arrives on the 27th, in your 2nd house of service. As May arrives, the larger purpose also becomes more apparent. There is copious amounts of Gemini energy circulating, first with Mercury moving into your airy sister sign one the 4th, followed by Venus on the 8th. Jupiter moves from Aquarius into Pisces on the 13th, signalling a very pivotal time in the year. Come from your heart, understand with compassion and don’t disrupt the flow. The Sun joins Gemini on the 20th, heightening your mental awareness. It’s needed to combat the first Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius a few days later on the 26th – obscuring the essential facts needed to make a good decision.


A powerful month of activation for you, mainly because April hosts a very cathartic Full Moon in your sign on the 27th. Occurring in your 1st house of image and personality, everything will revolve around your wants, needs and desires. You will attempt to draw the line between what’s yours and what’s someone else’s, and in the process things may get a little murky. Your self-worth is going through a period of transformation and it begins early on the 4th of the month, when Mercury joins the Sun in Aries and your 6th house of routine and wellness. On the 12th, a New Moon in Aries furthers the 6th house influence, creating sublime opportunities for business and collaboration to prosper. Look after your mental health as much as your physical health – together they create the whole package needed to continue. The Taurus Sun takes over on the 20th, meeting Venus, the planet of love in your enchanting 7th house of romance. You are responsible for what you bring to a union, and there are certain skills and talents that make you special. Strong partnerships are favoured in this time, anything that is weak can fumble and break.

On the 24th, Mars enters sister-sign Cancer, and your 9th house of adventure. Increasing the need to articulate what’s in your heart. Finances and personal resources can come up in this time and compel you to try something different. The Full Moon in your sign exposes weakness or sore spots, but to jump the hurdle, must be addressed – and in good timing. No need to shy away, everything is about to be unblocked anyway, as the months of May, June and July can feel especially intense and intolerant. Which brings me to my next topic, May and the Gemini Sun cycle. Variety will be apparent, as well as experimentation and adventure. The karmic North Node in Gemini is in your 8th house of joint finances, helping you explore the good and bad sides of a current union. You aren’t interested in the ‘ordinary’, and when Venus and Mercury team up with the Sun in Gemini on the 20th of May, you realise it’s intellectual stimulation you require. Hidden truths come to light and this is perpetuated further by Jupiter’s move into Pisces – where it will stay and retrograde until October. The Sagittarius Lunar eclipse on the 26th will be interesting, mixing new and old feelings together. There is a lot to process over the next 8 weeks – don’t become fixated on just one path.




Unlocking your heart’s desire features heavily over the next few months, in the most unexpected of ways. It will take showing up in your current relationships and healing broken unions to get to this new place unscathed. All April, we have a tense square occurring between Saturn in your 3rd house and Uranus in your 6th house. Astrology gives us a timeframe for instability, and it’s up to us to curate it so it hurts as less as possible. This tense square between Saturn and Uranus occurs three times this year, and it will test limits to freedom. Saturn is conservative, Uranus is progressive, together they are updating our realities and truths, even if they rock us along the way. The month begins with Mercury, joining the Sun and Venus in Aries in the romantic and playful 5th house. Collaboration, intimacy and merging with another all come under this guise, and is further strengthened when a New Moon occurs on the 12th, in this same sign and house. You are being encouraged to open your heart and fix what isn’t working. Venus and the Sun team up on the 20th of April, moving into the practical sign of Taurus and your 6th house of routine. Effort will be needed to reset your life to a more sensible level – as it’s evident you may have been burning the candle at both ends lately.

Mars moves into the unpredictable 8th house on the 24th, clearing up finances, debts and loans. You are more efficient toward the end of the month, more clear headed and calm. But, the 8th house rules with very ‘nonsensical’ themes; such as death, rebirth and sexuality. A Scorpio Full Moon needs space and secrecy as it moves into your 12th house of wisdom on the 27th. There is no pattern to what you’re currently going through, everything can feel new or somewhat shocking. Further emotional cobwebs are cleared when May begins and engages with the very ‘airy-fairy’ energy of Gemini. First, Mercury moves, then Venus on the 8th. The Sun enters Gemini on the 20th, followed by a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius known as the Blood Moon. The 26th/27th of May will be vital dates for you to remember, as the narrative will be far from boring. The first eclipse in the Gemini/Sagittarius axis is occurring in your 1st house of ego, identity and image. Making you hyper aware of what you do have and what you don’t. This Eclipse can feel unrelenting, but it’s really just trying to teach you. There can be monumental build up from last year when this cycle began, and it will interplay between your truth and someone else’s. Don’t manipulate.







You don’t have to look for meaning, instead most times, at the crucial 11th hour, it appears on it’s own – plain and simple. There is a lot to be said for what’s going on in your dream world, and what part of it makes it into your ‘reality’. Throughout April, Saturn, your ruler is in a tight square to Uranus, in Taurus until 2026. While Saturn has been in Aquarius since December last year, you have felt encouraged to turn a corner and balance your own self imposed limitations more evenly. Potential for experimentation has been strong and it’s time to give yourself permission to do whatever’s in your heart. This transit, which occurs 3 times this year can turn life upside down, inviting a few unpleasant surprises into your realm. It’s mainly because the opposing energies of Saturn (rules and regulations) don’t gel with Uranus (freedom and future). In fact, Uranus is pleased to shock you, because that’s the way true progress is made. By the middle of the year, life will be radically different – and it all begins this month. So, pay close attention – there’s a lot to digest. Mercury joins the Sun and Venus in Aries, in your 4th house of home and family. Focusing on the interactions that occur behind closed doors – and your most intimate partners. The family environment is very much about children, nieces, nephews, grand-kids or step kids. The New Moon in Aries on the 12th echoes this mood, exploring ‘healing’ through people who know you best.

On the 20th, the Sun changes signs from Aries to Taurus, where it meets Venus in your romantic 5th house. Be proactive within your relationships, reach out to someone and be intimate in your speech. Show people your cards, better yet, your heart. A lighter mood is encouraged when Venus is in Taurus (it’s rulership)- followed by Mars entering Cancer on the 24th, in the committed 7th house of love. There is such strong emphasis on union and the joy of partnership – everything will revolve around ‘other people’ who make your life what it is. A Scorpio Full Moon (27th) in the 11th house of friendship, is all about cultivating a mature partnership. Traversing this journey with a special partner will only make your life more electric and fulfilling. The month of May is preparing you for the ‘real deal’ – as June and July will be two rather intense months, proving somewhat of a gamble. The energy shifts from Taurus into Gemini early on, when Mercury and Venus enters the sign by the 8th. Jupiter leaves Aquarius for sensitive Pisces on the 13th, educating you on possible solutions. Jupiter in Pisces will answer a lot of questions for you, but don’t hold your breath – as it weaves in and out all year. The first eclipse of the year appears on the 26th in Sagittarius, focusing on themes such as spirituality, pain and loss, pleasure and magic. This can be a unique look into the ‘unseen’ for you, don’t be frightened by what you find.


Seperate what you want from what you need. Or don’t, perhaps in the age of Aquarius, you can have it all. There is inspiration in hardship, and you can easily attest to that with the years you’ve previously had. But, things are different now and by the time May rolls around, you find yourself in a world of possibility. Let’s start where we’re at however, with the North Node in Gemini currently in your 5th house of creativity, children and romance. Making it a fine time to express yourself and show off your best attributes. April starts with Mercury joining Venus and the Sun in Aries and your 3rd house of communication, optimism and learning. The general rule of thumb with the 3rd house is that you will have to share in order to receive valuable answers to your question. A New Moon in Aries on the 12th joins this 3rd house and circles back to the fact that you must express yourself. At times the crowd can make you feel like an outsider, and the continuous square occurring between Saturn and Uranus will perpetuate this mood. Your ruler, Uranus, currently in Taurus is opposing Saturn, who is in your sign. This transit will occur in your 1st and 4th houses, striking multiple circumstances at once. You seek a sense of clarity – one that distinguishes you from ‘everyone else’.

This tension will remain for the entirety of 2021, and can be seen as the most important transit this year. On the 20th, the Taurus Sun meets Venus in your 4th house of roots and family. You are focused on friends, lovers, parents and siblings – everything is about where you belong – and whom you belong too. Declare your heart’s desires and use your quirky, honest candour to get you across the finish line. May will be a whirlwind month, with SO MUCH going on. By the 8th of May, Venus and Mercury will meet to dance in curious Gemini. Being an air sign like yourself, you quite enjoy the cerebral nature of this dual sign. Jupiter, who has been in your sign since late December 2020, now goes forward into the sign of Pisces, where it will stay and retrograde until mid-October. Jupiter in your sign has been lucky, the bearer of good news – and now in spiritual Pisces, you’ll almost get a double dip of sweetness. On the 20th, the Sun leaves Taurus to enter Gemini and reminds you that there is a lot being highlighted by the ‘masses’. You prefer to follow your own path, and you should stick with your guns. The month is closed by two big events, a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, and Mercury entering retrograde in Gemini. Pay close attention to what transpires, execute accordingly.



Exploring your inner desires thoroughly is changing your life trajectory. As you look back, you see you’ve taken enough time to hibernate – now the cosmos is calling for action. Be disciplined, cut like water through any obstacle. After all, the slippery Pisces can get past almost anything. Let’s start at the beginning, when Mercury joins Venus and the Aries Sun on the 4th of April in your 2nd house of cash money. Finances are up for revision, and it seems like an ongoing theme, one you just keep slipping up on. A New Moon on the 12th also in Aries analyses this 2nd house too. Why is it that you don’t respect the process of saving/investing? The Gemini North Node engages with your 4th house of home and family, indicating that where you’ve come from and the people you’ve grown up with are now most important. Something major is happening in the area of your life; perhaps, you are starting a family or moving away. What you know and love is being tried and tested throughout the next few months, so it’s best you’re honest from the very start. A tense Uranus and Saturn square is pushing you to challenge yourself in new and fundamental ways. It’s a month of release and surrender, there is no need to distract yourself – just stay the course.

Merging with your unconscious mind get’s you a step closer to the divine. On the 20th, Venus accompanies the Taurus Sun in your 3rd house of communication and knowledge. Honesty will be the best policy with friends close to you. After this, Mars enters Cancer and your romantic 5th house, fertility and creativity get a boost. Bringing sex, intimacy and lust to an existing relationship will be key, deepening its roots and intertwining two people to share one similar soul is your main goal – but is it the goal of the other? The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 27th rocks your international 9th house, aligning you to partake in a spiritual journey of sorts. May is a very insightful month that can bring people together, as long as you embrace the Gemini quality of ‘duality’. Fortunately, this air sign season works well for you – because you yourself are characterised by two fish swimming in opposite directions. If anyone can get in tune with what Gemini offers up, it’s you. But, the most important date for May to look out for is the 13th – when Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion leaves Aquarius and enters your sign, where it will traverse back and forth until mid-October. This significant transit will give you answers between the silence, making it an incredibly lucky time. The Lunar Eclipse on the 26th in Sagittarius helps to foster and magnify healing by overturning old attitudes and feelings.