This energy is cosmically significant for each one of us, because it poses obscure and abstract questions that make us ‘re-live’ some of our past life drama’s. From now, until the end of the year, we are not without a single retrograde free day. This can shock our nervous system into rest and internal reflection, that perhaps, we’re just not ready for. Let me break it down easily, Neptune retrogrades every 150 days – this year in Pisces, it will turn direct December 2nd. Uranus retrogrades every year for almost the same amount of days, and has been in the sign of Taurus for the past few years, on January 19th 2022, it will turn direct. Chiron, the wounded healer, is in Aries, retrograde until August 1st. Powerful Pluto is in Capricorn transforming our work lives, as we strive for higher ideals and better morals. It will be retrograde until the 7th of October this year. Jupiter has been a very interesting planet to make sense of, as he has skipped and hopped from one sign back to another. Jupiter will retrograde in Pisces on the 21st of June, jump back into progressive Aquarius on the 29th of July and continue its retrograde until the 18th of October. This placement can feel very futuristic as if we’re looking through a kaleidoscope and into our most intimate dreams. For the next 6 months then, it’s easy to see why staying in our heart centre is imperative if we are to make any headway at all. Taking back personal power is a big theme throughout retrograde cycles – because it turns all our efforts inward. Be prepared for things to take longer than expected, for exes to show up at your door or in your DM’s. We will be re-reading emails, re-thinking decisions and even re-telling stories. As a collective in 2021, we are emerging from our cocoon with a bigger sense of purpose and stronger, more bonafide connections under our belt. It’s just going to take some time. Good things take time. That’s all.

Let the Universe work through you in these next 3 months. Be an instrument of peace and love, compassion and faith. July begins with a New Moon merging to the Sun, both in the sign of Cancer on the 10th. We will feel emotional, as there are no exceptions to the rule with this cardinal, water energy. Be ready to dive deep into how you’ve been feeling and what you’re yet to process. A shift occurs when the Sun enters ferocious Leo on the 22nd of July, followed by the Aquarius Full Moon on the 24th. Opposing signs bring difficult energy – they remind us to open ourselves to the uncomfortable unknown. Aquarius is drama free, they see the bigger picture and refuse to be close minded – for them that signals death! Leo is dramatic, and irritated when things don’t pan out how they’d hoped – therefore, the end of July can feel electric. Let the heart override the ego. That’s the theme – it’s not logical to stand in one place just because it’s safe!
August is characterised by its emphasis on personal improvement. From August 19th, we have Uranus stationing retrograde where it will stay until January 18th, 2022. In Taurus, themes to do with security, possessions, stability, luxury and jealousy are highlighted, creating a bit of tension in everyday life. It’s about the tangible moments, no matter how raw they feel. What owns your soul? Or better yet, who?! All signs handle transits differently, but Aries, Capricorn, Libra, Cancer will feel this most intensely as they are cardinal signs. Fixed signs like Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio will also feel the belt tighten as they are resistant to fast changes, and so many retrograding planets bring upheaval and inflexibility to the flux of life. The Sun will leave Leo to enter Virgo on the 22nd of the month. That same day a second Full Moon in Aquarius lights up the night sky! This lunation can feel esoteric and unusual, because even though we may still be tackling the themes July’s Moon brought forward, the dots here are being connected completely separately. There is a lot to contemplate and it can feel much heavier than July’s mood. It appears like we’re stuck in a loop, engaging with the same lesson again and again. 
On September 7th, a New Moon in Virgo forms a trine with Uranus in Taurus and the Sun. This is a healthy day to get back into check with mind, body and spirit. On the 20th, a Full Moon in Pisces guides us to appreciate the alternatives in life. The final Mercury Retrograde of the year occurs on the 27th of September until October 23rd, in the sign of Libra. Looking back on the last 9 months features prominently, and we realise all three Mercury retrogrades have been in diplomatic Air signs. Gemini, Aquarius and Libra are intellectual, conceptual, cerebral signs that don’t get so easily caught up in the emotional realm. This last Mercury retrograde can feel like a balancing act, as Libra attempts to please everyone. Libra is naturally social but can have trouble with communicating its true desires. Therefore unresolved dramas in relationships can rock this latter part of the year, challenging how you interact with those closest to you.
Indeed, these next 3 months can feel like a bumpy, winding road to travel on – but there is a certain amount of release, passion, joy and possibility in every situation and circumstance. We are the alchemist, and the Universe is pushing us to step outside of our collective comfort zone! Utilise the energy that is working for you, and focus on mental health and well being. There is significant progress that can be made, regardless of the retrograde energy going on. Reach out to kindred spirits and keep the wheels spinning!! In no time you’ll begin to feel the blessings of the cosmos.
‘Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.’ - Mark Twain

You’re moving with clear direction, Aries. Certainly there have been career upheavals since March that you’ve endured, but you’ve managed to stay on top of responsibilities through the retrogrades. You have a tendency to overthink which is making you feel stuck in love or friendship, but overall quiet developments bring good change to your schedule. A Fire or Earth sign individual can be rather compelling in your life right now, helping you know when the timing is right.
A reshape of your home life is coming, Taurus. A lot of this retrograde energy will affect you greatly, because Uranus is in your sign pulling you underneath for the remainder of the year. Friendships pick up where they left off however, and this sweet moment in social life brings you great joy. There is harmony with a lover as you both come together in union, seeing the ‘bigger picture’ of your life. Accept a job offer now and by December, you will have excelled greatly.

There seems to be a lack of personal direction these next few weeks, Gemini. Thankfully, it gives you time to decipher what you truly want. As Maya Angelou says “forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it”. Uranus and Neptune retrograde will test your patience, as things spiral out of control for a little while. If there is a lull in motivation, keep reinforcing the notion of ‘routine’ – it will help you get back on the bike and ready to make bold moves.
Don’t rush the process, Cancer. As you have entered a very insular time of the year, where you step into yourself and retreat. From now until early December, you are focusing on personal growth, realigning more with lost hobbies, friends or past pursuits. Pluto in Capricorn can have serious undertones but there is good energy to improve money matters and to attain more valuables. If you practice a little emotional detachment now, it could turn out to really refresh your love life.

Doors are opened, Leo. Even with plenty of planets in retrograde motion, you feel the support of your relations. There is perspective through business, career and collaborative endeavours – as you explore what motivates you. Spiritually, you’re also coming into your own. Perhaps, letting your hair down for once and owning what you believe. Let the strong Saturn in Aquarius vibrations balance out your need for drama and attention, instead focusing on getting the job done.
Past and present naturally flows through you, Virgo. There is a liberating, defining moment coming with regards to your education, career and/or international travel plans. There will be certain promotions or exits that help you see power and responsibility in a completely different light. As these shifts occur, relax your mind and ‘attention to detail’. Instead, use your creativity – and make the most of what this influence is trying to show you.

Compromising isn’t your strongest attribute, Libra. However, these next few months call for flexibility and research. Temporarily, you may be feeling a little disconnected from your life, thanks to all the retrograde energy, it’s very normal. There is a big emotional connection in your life that engages you with passion and desire, to be fair it was about time! People gravitate to you when you are expressive and imaginative.
Centre yourself by directing your energy toward something, Scorpio. In this way, all the scattered eclipse energy won’t bug you as much, and you’ll be able to remain curious and communicative. Chiron in Aries is helping you cultivate a better work environment, while Neptune retrograde challenges a personal mission. There are stunning opportunities coming from your inner circle, stay dedicated to those who support you.

There is a lot of focus on you and someone else, Sagittarius. A partner, a lover, an ex or even a sibling are helping you to better prioritise your needs and wants. There is a need to reassess the home area of your life, or perhaps just give it more attention. The scattered energies of the retrograding planets can cause headaches but they are here to motivate you and refine the plan you previously had. Focus on the small first, then you will be ready to tackle the big.
A slightly different route could work quite well now, Capricorn. Even if things have felt fuzzy or confusing with so much dense retrograde energy, you feel yourself getting more in touch with dreams, goals and fantasies. Saturn, your ruler, has been galavanting through Aquarius, giving you plenty of obscure solutions to old problems and patterns. Allow for time – nothing englighting can take place overnight. Magic is felt through lust, romance and family time.

You’ve been in relaunch mode since early January, Aqaurius. However, the keynote for the next few months centres seriously around other people. Engaging with family, friends, lovers and children seems to be shaping your circumstances. It is beneficial to circulate as much as possible, even if the retrograde energies can feel confusing or erratic. Remain practical as you explore new territory with old people, you will feel the redirection take its course and realign you.
There is something quite spiritual about these next few months, Pisces. From now until early December, the focus is on home, family, special places and new faces. With Neptune, your ruler retrograde for the next 5 months, there can be confusion or sensitivity around ‘not having it my way’. When you drop this narrative, you’ll gain a better perspective on how detachment works on your behalf. If at any time you feel divided on what to do, listen to the advice of your supporters.