Stretch & Flow with Mia Woolrich

Dedicated to Yoga since 2008, Mia Woolrich is a passionate Yoga teacher who loves to share the positive benefits of the practice with others. After living in New York for a decade and seeking refuge from the chaos of city life on the yoga mat, Mia returned home to focus on sharing the transformative practices of Power Vinyasa and Yin yoga. Her Power Vinyasa classes are designed to explore the body through an energetic flow that links breath with movement in order to calm the chattering of the mind whilst also finding your physical edge.

Mia’s Yin classes are an invitation to slow down, reconnect with the subtle body, release tension and revitalise the body’s deep connective tissues. Receiving her training with MOVE Yoga, in Melbourne, Mia is passionate about making yoga accessible to all abilities and ages and creating a calm and supportive space to explore the body and mind.  Think of it as a pit-stop for the mind, body and soul…an opportunity to check-in, let go, and get a killer workout all at once.

Mia teamed up with THE UPSIDE and ANTHROPOLOGIE to take us through a live stretch and flow wearing our collaboration styles.

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