Studio Spotlight: Bodyism London

Nathalie began her journey to become Bodyism’s CEO when she started working as a Performance Specialist with Bodyism in 2008.

Previously, she lived around the world, modelling for leading publications and campaigns for the likes of Stella McCartney and other sporting brands. A background in ballet and a passion for all things wellness has driven her to complete the most sought-after training courses in London.

Now a mother of three, Nathalie continues to combine her passion for training, health and nutrition through her lead at Bodyism. Nathalie’s versatile knowledge, ambition and energy prove how adopting a Bodyism lifestyle sets up the foundations for a successful life. With a holistic approach to fitness, she carefully fuses different techniques to create long and lean bodies.

 Tell us about Bodyism - what is your business philosophy?
Bodyism’s holistic wellness model offers members unique 360-degree health solutions that address all areas of their lives, and provides them with an encouraging community in which to achieve their goals. The philosophy is built around a focus on four core key “pillars of health” – mindset, nutrition, movement and sleep – and finding the perfect balance between each of these. This is achieved, through results-driven personal training, small group classes, a healthy café, and bespoke treatments. We also have an amazing range of natural, high- quality supplements to support all areas of people’s health. We also deliver corporate wellness programmes, hotel partnerships and residential management to help elevate people’s health, happiness, and wellbeing. Our mission statement is simply to change lives for the better.


Tell us about the Bodyism community …
We are so lucky to have a tight-knit community in London. Bodyism was one of the first of its kind to bring together fitness, a healthy cafe & wellness spaces put together under one roof, where it’s non-judgmental whilst having a healthy, social atmosphere and we love the community that we bring together. Our members see us every day and we are so happy to be a part of their routine, we care about their lives, not just their workout. We are also lucky to work with some amazing hotel partners in beautiful locations around the globe, they help us build our community globally and we love it when we see followers from all over Europe, Australia, America and the rest of the world.

What is the best customer feedback that you’ve ever received?
"My life began at Bodyism"

How do you ‘own the morning’? This can be anything from a mantra / ritual … we don’t expect you to have a full wellness routine down pat as there is a lot of pressure for people these days to do a whole 9-5 thing before they start the day so it could be anything, it doesn’t even need to be wellness related!
I have three young children so mornings can be busy for me! I love my walks to work at the flagship club in Notting Hill, it's about half an hour where I can zone out and catch up on emails and listen to some music, preparing myself for the day ahead. I try to get to as many Bodyism classes as I can in the mornings, it really helps me start the day focused.

How do you prioritise rest & recovery and what does this look like?
We have an amazing massage therapist called Nubia who works for the Tarryn Warren treatment team at Bodyism. I love to squeeze in an appointment with her when I can, she is the best! I also make sure to spend quality time with my family & friends, or a yoga class with Suzie or Matt.

Tell us about your retreats , you’re going global… and we are so happy you’re including us on this journey. What was the idea behind this?
Bodyism has been elevating hotel wellness experiences for well over a decade. Naturally, this quietened down during Covid but we have a lot of projects happening over the next 2 years. We are so excited to partner with Soho Beach House Canouan, Oku Hotel Ibiza & D Maris Bay in Turkey over the summer and our team will be showcasing THE UPSIDE in those beautiful locations - all of us at Bodyism love the clothing!

Favourite wellness destination outside of the UK
We are in our 8th year working with D Maris Bay, it is really a very special hotel in the Datca Peninsula of Turkey. The views are breathtaking and it is the perfect place to relax on holiday. You can book a Bodyism trainer for a personal training session in the morning, guided hikes through the mountains, tennis, watersports, and each restaurant has a selection of Bodyism approved dishes on their menu. It's the perfect place to find some balance.


Best health related businesses in London people should check out when visiting?
Bodyism of course! You can find all the answers to all your wellness needs under one roof. We are so lucky to be on the wonderful Westbourne Grove, you can come visit us for a class, treatment & healthy brunch then have a wander down the high street. We are a part of a great neighbourhood with some lovely neighbouring shops, it's such a lovely place to spend the day.

Any tips for someone wanting to start their wellness journey and don’t know where to begin?
Make healthy choices for the right reasons - Exercise and eat well because it makes you feel good, not because you want to look a certain way.

Focus on your strengths and positive traits - simply being kind to yourself can boost your internal confidence and that little bit of self care each day consistently can create a long term sustainable result.

Find something you really enjoy - it will help you stay motivated and consistent, it doesn’t have to hurt! Mix up your training styles to stay motivated and inspired. Take a walk or try something more holistic on the days when a bigger workout feels too much.

What would you say your key to building a successful business is?
One of our mantras is "we rise by lifting others". Our Bodyism team is a wonderful family and we are so lucky that a lot of them have been with the company for many years and they are all passionate about creating positive change in people's lives. I love to nurture talent in the team and we always try to promote from within, recognising different skill sets and having different ideas is key to helping the business run on a daily basis but also to keep us pushing forward.