Studio Spotlight: Core Plus, Kawana

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Studio Spotlight: Core Plus, Kawana

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We had the pleasure of speaking with Elly and Eyrlie, the co-founders of the new CorePlus studio in Kawana. They shared exciting insights into what clients can expect from their new studio and dedicated team.

At CorePlus Kawana, the passionate team is committed to fostering a supportive and uplifting community for all members.

What can people expect when walking into the CorePlus Kawana studio?

Expect to be greeted with friendly smiles at 5am or 5pm. Our team will welcome you at reception and if it is your first time visiting us, you can be sure to be guided through our space to ensure you are confident heading into your first CorePlus Kawana class.

What kind of community do you want to cultivate?

Community is the reason we exist. We strive to create an uplifting community that is fun, supportive and connected. It is a community that makes you want to be the best version of yourself. We look after each other in the highs and the lows. We sweat together, move together and celebrate the wins on the daily.

How would you describe the overall vibe and experience?

The vibes are high, and we have the music to match. The experience starts from the moment you step in the front door. Our space is inclusive and supportive. We are perfect for the first-time mover to the experienced Pilates & Yoga enthusiasts. Expect to feel instantly part of a community that is better together. We welcome new faces and ensure you leave feeling accomplished, seen and heard.  

How did you each find Pilates and what led you to it?

Elly - I found Pilates initially as a complimentary form of movement to support me in functional training, contact sport and running. It quickly became more than that. Pilates allowed me to run faster, lift heavier - all with less injuries and improved muscle activation. It set me up for a day where I felt aligned. My posture and body awareness improved. Movement became more about control and stability, less about speed and load. Pilates allows those intricate muscles to 'wake up' which enhances overall performance (fun fact - Eyrlie took me through my first ever Pilates class in 2017!!).

Eyrlie - I started attending studio classes with my Mum when I was 16. I was not a 'sporty' kid growing up. But Pilates was a form of movement that I enjoyed. With my anxiety, it was mindful and that allowed me to feel confident with movement. The space and people in it were supportive. The variety of ages in one class was vast, and I loved that. From that moment on, Pilates has been a part of who I am. It has supported me in all walks of my life from my teen years to pregnancy and recovering from two c-sections. It is the one constant I have had since I was 16.

What are your favourite design elements in the new studio?

The fluted glass wall. It is a showstopper. The dark wood throughout, oh my. we didn't realise we'd love it just as much as we do!! Arches to cap the ends of the hallway and wall lighting makes this space super moody and transports you to a place you can enjoy, while you forget the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Have you seen our exposed navy Mat room ceiling? That's very pretty too!  

If you would say something to someone who hasn’t found their groove yet and is looking at giving Pilates a go, what would you say to them?

Don't overthink it. Don't take yourself too seriously. Remove the expectation and surrender to learning something new. Instructors will support and guide you every step of the way. There is no assumed knowledge or base level of fitness. This is a movement style that is suitable for everybody and all ages. Show up for yourself and remember that growth happens outside your comfort zone. Pilates is a form of self-practice, embrace it!


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To learn more about CorePlus and their classes, visit: CorePlus

And check out their Instagram! @coreplus_studios