This tiny studio in South Australia offers a boutique setting but quickly gaining popularity due to their integrative and holistic approach to health.

We chat to eclipse yoga founder Stephanie about her background in naturopathy and how she hopes to help her clients grow, connect and transform.



Tell us about your studio when did it open?

Eclipse Yoga originally opened in 2017 as Eclipse Hot Yoga. In 2021 I took over the studio from the wonderful previous owner and transformed it into something of my own. We are a small studio located in SA where we run 20 classes a week with a variety of different styles.


How did the idea come about?

I was running regular Yin & Reiki workshops with my best friend when one day she said “wouldn’t it be amazing if you owned this place”. One year later my boss mentioned that she was looking to sell and asked if I had considered taking over the studio (it was something that had crossed my mind even though it felt like crazy timing as I was finishing the last year of my Naturopathy degree studying full time) but it felt like my time to jump!


What was the idea behind the studio? Where did you get your inspiration?

I felt there was gap in the market for a place that offered Yoga through its essence of traditional philosophy and principles with a modern, fun twist. I love warm weather and being surrounded by plants, so the studio is now a reminder of a warm rainforest/plant oasis. An Eclipse is the time for deep internal work, starting from the inside out which translates to the way we share Yoga as being more than just the physical poses.


What is your signature style of Yoga?

Our most popular style of Yoga is a flow class, based on Vinyasa and Hatha with a more modern twist to the traditional styles. We have an amazing group of teachers who all have such a diverse and unique way of teaching and applying their personalities to the classes, so each class feels different.


Why is it different?

My background is in natural medicine which looks at everything holistically, so that’s the way I approach Yoga too. We want to encourage our students to look beyond the yoga mat, and use the self-reflection during your yoga class to see what areas in their life they might need more support.


What is your favourite feedback you’ve received?

I love to hear about how our studio has changed and transformed our student’s Yoga practice, and how it’s been a really healing space for them to receive whatever it is they need.


Why do you do what you do / teach?

I’ve always loved the feeling of watching people melt away their tension and the way you can see the lightness in them after class. The community aspect is also really special, being with people through years of change and milestones.


When you do Yoga yourself what do you do? How often do you do it ?

I aim to practice a few times a week, usually at our studio. I love Yin & flow classes, depending on what my body is needing that day. If I’m practicing at home, it’s mostly seated meditation and some gentle poses and basic flows, nothing fancy.


What are your personal interests beyond Yoga?

Pottery, gardening, and road tripping in Sandy (my camper van)


What do you look for in studio wear?

Comfort and durability! I’m wearing these pieces regularly and sometimes for the whole day, so they need to be comfortable, and I want to be able to get lots of wear out of it.


How do you style your pieces from studio and beyond?

Platform converse, a cute jumper and some funky earrings.


Studio playlist … GO!

That’s hard…there’s too many good ones to choose from! ‘Sweet November’ is one of my favourite playlists I’ve made.


Is there an art to creating a studio playlist? If so, what is it? 

It truly is an art! Having some lighter music at the start and end, but in the middle, you want some high-vibe, funky music to lead you through your flow. I like a combination of instrumentals and vocals.


Tell us about your integrative approach to wellness?

Wellness is about looking at a person holistically, more than just their physical being. That’s the way we teach Yoga at our studio, that yoga is more than the poses and can be taken off the mat. When I’m treating clients in my clinic, I view them as not just the physical symptoms they have presented with, but the emotional and mental dis-ease that led them there.


How would you describe your personal style in three words?

Simple, neutral, comfortable