Studio Spotlight: Mode Pilates

Mode Pilates brings a renewed approach to movement and a new era of functional training and pilates to the people of the Northern Beaches and the Lower North Shore.

We speak with the founder Laura Bullock about the inspiration behind Mode Pilates and what makes her studios so unique.

Tell us about your studio, what was the inspiration behind it?

Mode Pilates is about creating an empowering and supportive space for people to move their bodies across all modes of life. Whether that be high energy training, or a slower more mindful mode, we focus on quality form and function. However, what our beautiful space truly thrives on is community and a commitment to combining positive mental health with movement.

What type of pilates practice do you focus on and why?

Mode is not an average studio. We are focused on delivering our own style of modern Pilates that fosters high-energy, low-impact movement. We offer a wide range of modern mat Pilates, reformer pilates and Barre classes to offer a full Pilates experience. All classes are a fusion of functional fitness and classic pilates principles which give our classes the signature mindful burn.

 What do you love about your community?

Our community is the lifeblood of Mode. We have members who have followed us since the very start, at our first little studio in Manly to our two locations today in Mosman and Manly. I love that we still have the closeness and intimacy of a small room, filled with caring a loyal members. Our clients are friends and we've been there throughout their life stages. It’s what Mode is all about: movement that goes beyond bodies, into hearts and minds.

  How would you describe the overall vibe?

Our vibe is energetic and upbeat yet authentic, grounded and welcoming. We meet you wherever you’re at, whatever mode you’re in, and are conscious to create a vibe that flows and fosters that. We tailored a timetable and designed our classes to suit every stage of the journey to ensure that everyone feels included and is able to grow at their own pace, always with amazing beats and a whole lot of fun!

 What can people hope to find in the space you’ve created?

Mode is an uplifting and supportive space from the moment you step inside. We have an incredible team of instructors that give our members the best experience possible. We are big believers in high quality classes from the music to the ambience to the unique style of pilates and movement.

What is unique / different about your studio?

Mode’s emphasis on form and function elevates our classes. We focus on bringing the best instructors into the team with a big focus on delivering high quality classes, that signature mindful burn and a supportive environment. From the progressions and regressions we offer to the class types, we mean it when we say we meet you whatever your mode of movement is.

 Tell us about your morning routine

Mornings can often throw out curveballs when you have little humans. I usually tag team with hubby where he will start the day with our toddler whilst I start getting through an hour of emails and get ready for the day. We then swap and I'll drop Bodhi off at daycare before grabbing an Oat Matcha and heading off to meetings or one of the studios. I do my best to start every day with a short gratitude affirmation and manifestation 15-20 mins practice. I love the Gabby app!

I'm 6 months pregnant with our second so I've stepped back from teaching for now and focusing on some incredible and meaningful collabs and Studio 3! I love a project so I am in my element at the moment.

 How did you each find pilates and what led you to it?

I was always into dance and movement growing up. During my twenties I did the corporate thing and found a deeper connection to Pilates as it became my mindful practice. I loved discovering new pilates studios and staying close to the instyles over in the world.

What does practicing movement mean to you?

Movement and mindset to me are intricately linked - which is what we want to embody in the Mode method. Too often people “exercise” rather than find movement that makes them feel good. It shouldn't ever be a chore. Workouts can be strong and sweaty but fun and an uplifting experience. We understand the demands of life and want to be their to support physical and mental wellness rather than burn out and being another 'thing' to do in your day.

If you would say something to someone who hasn’t found their groove yet in practice / looking at giving pilates a go, what would you say to them?

Come check out one of the Mode studios if you are local! If not, check out your local studios. We are so blessed for such an awesome studio scene in Sydney so jump on an intro offer and see what feels good for your body. Don't just try one studio, try a couple and find your tribe.


To learn more about Mode Pilates and their classes, visit: Mode Pilates

And check out their Instagram! @modepilates