Studio Spotlight: Peaches Burleigh Heads

Surrounded by pine and pandanus trees, Burleigh, Gold Coast is the perfect location for the newest Peaches Pilates. Conveniently located in a beautiful complex along West Burleigh Road, it's the newest local hot spot. This studio strives to share love and inspiration, offering workouts which include everyone.

We speak to Alex Drew about the innovation behind Peaches Burleigh and what makes this studio so unique.

How did you hear about peaches?

I actually only heard about Peaches in January after reaching a point where I was so fed up not having a studio that I loved going to for challenging mat Pilates. Reformer studios were everywhere however I've never personally been a mega fan. It’s always been my dream to own a studio/space to promote mindful yet strong movement. A quick google search led me to Peaches, followed by an enquiry email to Chris and Tori. They placed faith in me, lots of conversations, countless (sometimes felt endless) commercial property inspections across the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and finally back to my hometown and favourite suburb - Burleigh.

What did you love about it?

The thing that really drew me to Peaches was the brand's tone of voice. Tori’s warm personality really shone through the copy on the website and made me feel incredibly welcome to be there. I wished that Peaches was in Queensland and I had been looking at franchises for a while however none had felt aligned. Until now!

What led you to Burleigh?

I grew up on the Gold Coast and despite my best efforts thinking I needed to be away from my hometown to ‘grow’, after many experiences, my heart led me back to the place I will always call home. I’ve spent my favourite times in Burleigh. Headland jogs, beach days, meals, drinks, meditations, it’s a very special place to me.

What are peaches going to bring to Burleigh's community which they may not expect?

Burleigh has a fun community and I think Peaches will simply add to an already awesome thing. The Gold Coast has a lot of incredible fitness communities and environments. I think that Peaches, like any space, attract their crowd. Hand on heart, after only a short moment since being open - all of the souls who have walked through my doors are pure gems. Just genuine, down to earth humans who want to move their bodies in a fun, powerful and nourishing way. Everyone chats with each other and there are lots of laughs and support.

What's your pilates background?

I've always been into fitness, however as far as Pilates goes, I only became a qualified mat instructor in 2021! I actually used to work in Marketing, then I lost my job when Covid hit and took the opportunity for a career change to do something I cared about. I acquired my Cert 3 and 4 in fitness, then my pilates certs. Even when I was a PT, I had my clients on the floor doing pilates. It's always been something I have found to be beneficial for every human and can be so challenging and options for all levels of capabilities.

Tell us about your instructors and what can we expect from each of them?

The Peaches Burleigh instructors are such positive, talented, strong individuals and I am so grateful for all of them! You can expect a warm welcome, a challenging yet rewarding class with plenty of options to suit your daily vibe. Oh and the use of pilates props. Hello 2kg ankle weights, wassup.

What's on offer in the studio?

What's on offer is a second home. A community that uplifts you (and your Peach). A studio that will enhance all pillars of your health, not simply physical. I always say to my members, "you will always leave this room stronger than when you entered."


To learn more about Peaches Burleigh and their classes, visit: Peaches Pilates

And check out their Instagram! @peachespilates