A booty burn on the mat, followed by a coffee and catch up in the outdoor area is what we can expect from the new Peaches Pilates studio in Bondi. Inspired by the likes of Southern Italy and Greece, Peaches Bondi is a haven for both new and long standing clients.

We spoke with Peaches founder Tori Clapham about the importance of this flagship boutique and why the community is at the forefront of Peaches.

Bondi is your flagship boutique, tell us a little bit about why this studio was so important?

Bondi is where we started! This is actually our third location on Bondi Rd and we're not bloody moving again so the fitout had to be on point. It's also our best performing studio with our longest standing client base so from a business perspective it made a lot of sense and from an emotional perspective we thought our Bondi clients finally deserved a space worthy of all the love they've shown us. Plus there's some damn fancy Pilates studios around the East these days so we're kinda just trying to keep up. We think we've set a new barre (lol) though.  

Tell us what inspired the space / moodboard

We wanted a colour palette that was... Peachy... but not too Peachy. And we certainly wanted it to be timeless. It's also based on some inspo from some of our favourite parts of the world like Southern Italy or Greece. Hence the olive trees.

Who helped you fit it out /design? We love that it's one of your members!  

Kate Lawrence @katelawrenceinteriors designed the space. She is epic and has been a designer for years. There's so many unique touches to the space that we still haven't properly thanked her for. E.g. the custom brass ballet barre or the cute tiles at the entry door. And Brett Sarno from @shoreline_building did the fitout. Best builder in town. There were some really challenging elements with an old building for him to deal with.

What are your favourite design elements?

The big high curved mirrors with an integrated custom made brass ballet barre is hard to go past haha. But we actually loooooove the colour of all the joinery, and the tiles, and the olive trees, and the white courtyard, and the blue piping on the bench cushions... we could go on.

The outdoor area is super important to you because of your community - what were you wanting to achieve here?

Day to day we're hoping our members and staff will hang out here and make friendships and connections. We're offering free wifi so people can setup and work from there or grab a green juice and chill for a minute. But it's also a great space for events - like a new collection launch from The Upside maybe, wink, nudge!

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