Studio Spotlight : Peaches Windsor, Victoria

You’ve probably heard of hot yoga but have you heard of Hot Mat Pilates?

We speak to Tori Clapham – Founder, Peaches Pilates about her newest studio in Windsor Victoria where you can escape the winter blues with infrared heated rooms to maximise the Peaches burn.

Tell us about Peaches Windsor?

Our Windsor studio is our most beautiful fit out. Chapel St can be an interesting place so we've tried to create an oasis away from the madness down below. The whole space is a white washed, beachy getaway from urban Melbourne. The main mat / barre room is flooded with natural light all day and our hot mat room is a sweaty dimly lit den which is the best spot to be in winter. Barre Body did the original fitout before we took it over and they did such a great job. It's a big space so they went nuts with the sheer white curtains to soften everything and filter out some of the Chapel St noise.


It’s such a beautiful space, tell us about how this adds to the experience?

We aim to create spaces that people love being in. At the end of the day you can workout at home, in the park, in a big ugly gym, wherever you like. The whole point of Peaches is to create community, connection and something our clients feel a part of - so the aesthetic of our studios aims to be warm and welcoming, like you're walking into somebody's home. Plus, when your instructor is slowly counting those last 3 or 4 pulses it helps to have something nice to look at to distract you from the torture!


What do Melbournians need to know about Peaches?

There's a lot of Pilates variations out there these days but Peaches is just different - we don't do reformer - we're all about the mat. We try to make movement fun, not pretentious and definitely not punishment. We are all about balance - eat pizza, drink wine, do Pilates. The fitness world can be so damaging in its messaging - especially to women. You're not working out to "earn those calories" or to punish yourself - you should want to be fit and strong so you can make the most of the opportunities you get in life. So, you can chase after your kids or go on a long hike when you're 70. If exercise can be fun and inclusive and something you actually look forward to then the rest is easy. That's really our goal.


What is it about Mat that is so appealing?

A lot of people turn their nose up at mat Pilates but it is really the foundation of the entire modality. Reformer was actually invented to help people improve their mat routine. Mat is all about you and your body, there's nowhere to hide, no cushions or springs to support you, just you in full control of your body. Good old Jo called it "contrology" for a reason. I certainly wouldn't call us classic mat Pilates though - our classes are all in a group format so they're high energy, lots and lots of reps, great tunes - and we use loads of props like booty bands, sliders, dumbbells and circles to challenge you and keep the classes evolving. We also have Power Pilates and Peaches Sweat class formats that shift the workout a little more towards a HIIT class or strength class while remaining grounded in Pilates principles.


Tell us about the Windsor community vibe?

The Windsor studio is only about 5 months old under our brand - it was formerly Barre Body and a lot of those clients are still with us so there was a beautiful community there already when we arrived. We also have a bit of a following in Melbourne because of our online program during the lockdowns. Many of those clients are now coming into our studios so it feels like Peaches is something that's connected people over the last few years and our Windsor studio is a great example of that. We also have an awesome little hang out area so if you turn up early with a takeaway coffee you can curl up on the couch and make friends.


Tips to beat the Melbourne Winter?

How does 34 degrees sound? We launched Hot Mat classes just before winter and we wanted to make sure the room got properly hot so we invested in the latest infrared panels - and plenty of them. Our friends across the road at One Thirty Two do amazing coffee and great food too - or you've got Journeyman just up the road as well. Being on Chapel St means we're next door to hundreds of nightlife options too so if you're doing an evening class head over to our favourite spot Hawker Hall for a bite to eat and a glass of vino afterwards.


Favourite class for a winter workout... give us the low down!

I'd probably have to say Hot Mat but our signature Peaches Pilates classes are always my favourite in the unheated room. They're all about total body toning meaning they'll work every muscle from head to toe and leave you ready to take on the day.



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