Studio Spotlight: Soul Focus Pilates
Heading into Summer this is one studio in South Australia you must try


We speak to Danielle Winter from Soul Focus Pilates in South Australia about why her new studio is a haven for so many. 


Tell us about your studio when did it open?
Soul Focus opened back in early April of this year. Soul Focus was always meant to be a boutique space with small numbers and a very personalised workout. I’ve always been big in inclusivity and that was my aim to make Soul Focus that way and for women to empower each other during and after the workout. I also wanted to create a calming space that when you stepped into it, you’d automatically forget about your day or what’s on your mind and just be present in the space and during the workout.


How did the idea come about?
I’ve been in the Pilates industry for over 4 years and have worked in multiple Pilates and fitness settings. Over the years, I’ve taken bits that I have loved from everywhere but with my own twist. I love Summer and the beach, so I wanted the feel of the studio to have a similar vibes plus I find minimalism is better and not to have too much going on in the space.

What was the idea behind the studio?
It was a mixture of wanting to align with the wellness clinic that is in front of Soul Focus but also to fill the gap in the market where these days Pilates studios just seem to cram as many people into a space as they could to make money and for me this was never about the money but what brings me and everyone else happiness.


What is your signature style of Pilates?
It is a contemporary style of Pilates on the reformer. You get that element of that slow and controlled Pilates but also that hit of cardio and get the heart rate up.


What is your favourite feedback you’ve received?
A lot of the feedback is about how beautiful the studio looks but also quite a few comments about the feel of the studio and how people really feel welcome and that they feel like we genuinely care for them and their bodies.


Why do you do what you do / teach?
It is the most rewarding job in so many ways. Getting to see clients become more confident and strong in themselves is definitely number one. But I’ve always been heavily involved in sport and fitness my whole life so to be able to do it on the daily basis and call it ‘work’ is the best.


When you work out yourself what do you do? How often do you do it ?
 Try and do 4 or 5 Pilates classes a week at the studio but I also love to go for a few walks and runs each week to get fresh air and move my body in a different way.


What are your personal interests beyond Pilates?
I love to travel so whenever I get the opportunities, I’m on the next plane exploring another part of the world. Learning about other cultures is so interesting to me and to see how 1 culture to the next is so different.


What do you look for in studio wear?
Being comfortable is key but also leggings that stay up! I’ve had too many pairs over the years that never stay up and I felt like I was pulling them up every 2 seconds.


How do you style your pieces from the studio and beyond?
Any form of leggings or bike shorts with some nice white shoes always looks good. As for the top half, a crop top with a nice jacket that can either be worn or tied around the waste.