Inspired by her time living in LA, founder Claudia Wareham brought the California cool back to Australia and opened her first modern studio in the heart of Byron Bay. The boutique studio is specifically designed to be an inspiring oasis where you can look at art, sip organic tea pre and post class and get high off joy right before taking a dip in the ocean, a short stroll away.

With a modern approach, the studio is tipped to be a success – no preaching or judging, everyone is welcome to experience the joy and find the best version of themselves.


Class Styles: Vinyasa, Slow Flow and Yin

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Tell us about your studio when did it open?

State of Salt Yoga studio opened June 1, 2022. Prior to that I had been running yoga retreats and events at various locations around the world! The studio is a boutique, 20 mat studio in the heart of Byron Bay. Its design reflects our ethos of relaxed luxury, beautiful design, and living your best life.


How did the idea come about?

I had always wanted to open my own boutique space where I could serve those looking for a modern approach to yoga. During the pandemic we still managed to run most of our retreats, but when the Byron floods came and with the situation in Ukraine, we lost 4 retreats in 1 week. We decided to pivot and refined our vision, mission and values to open State of Salt the studio. (We still run retreats and events).


What was the idea behind the studio? Where did you get your inspiration? 

The idea was to create a cool, luxe and boutique space where people could hang out before and after class with a tea. I wanted the space to be inspiring as it’s a huge core value to us. Our mission is to teach high quality yoga in cool and inspiring spaces as a tool for joy, growth, high vibrations and a life you love.


What is your signature style of teaching?

My signature style is a vinyasa class that begins by grounding your energy and invigorates you for the rest of the day. We may incorporate breath work, philosophy and more chaturanga’s. Be open minded and prepared to sweat a little. I’ll give you tools throughout the practice to help you feel joyful, inspired and full of high vibes. I made the decision to not ‘Aum’ or chant in any of our studio classes, it’s very light-hearted and approachable while still honouring the traditional practice.


Why is it different?

My classes (and all classes at the studio) are always aligned with our mission. They are purposeful, intelligent, light-hearted and filled with tools to live an inspired life. We play anything from RnB to traditional music, our language is non-dogmatic, we don’t preach or judge, everyone is welcome to experience the joy.


Why do you do what you do / teach? 

When we refined the vision for state of salt, I understood that my personal purpose and the studio vision was the same. To inspire you to live a life you love. I get to give back and share techniques that only make yours and my life better.


When you work out yourself what do you do? How often do you do it?

Sometimes I’ll practice yoga at home and test out different online platforms, I generally try to go to the teachers’ classes at least 3 times per week in studio, I love practicing within a studio environment. If I’m not doing yoga, I love walking around the beautiful trails in Byron Bay or a Pilates class!


What are your personal interests beyond Yoga? 

I’m a major self-development girl, always making my way through the self-help book section… I absolutely love furniture and interior design so cresting Pinterest boards or collecting items for my own home. I’m very lucky my mum has an interior design store in Warrandyte, VIC and can send me lots of goodies.


What do you look for in studio wear?

Comfort, elevated style, functionality. And something I can dress up or down as I usually wear it all day every day.


How do you style your pieces from studio and beyond?

I never take my jewellery off! Whether it’s for yoga, swimming in the ocean or sleeping at night. A little jewellery always makes my outfit feel elevated.


Workout playlist … GO!

Ok, for a calm and uplift vibe you HAVE to listen to this. And to get your energy up and ready for a great day, listen to this while doing a Vinyasa class.


Is there an art to creating a studio playlist? If so, what is it? 

Yes! The way we theme classes has a structure, and our playlists work to compliment that. You will notice a soft, meditative beginning, a build of beats to get you going for the peak of class and then the music will wind down with us. As we are a more modern studio, we like to add a few more groovy tracks too ?