Tell us a bit about Stretch Base
I fell in love with stretching over 5 years ago. Regularly attending a variety of stretching studios in the Middle East and Europe. To the point where stretching became my new flossing. I have realigned my body, corrected some serious mistakes from stretching wrongly before (doing Thai boxing, gym, running).  I have fallen in love with the afterwards feeling and even learnt how to breathe and relax through the actual stretching session. I have then become a certified flexologist in 2020 + having a health science study background gave me a great understanding of the anatomy behind stretching. Stretching our tissues – is like flossing our gums. If you want your muscle tissues and joints to be healthy – you have to stretch often. Coming back to Sydney in 2021 I failed to find a place to go and stretch it out, so I have opened Stretch Base studio in Eastgardens. We have regular 50 min classes in the studio. And minimising the groups to 10 people max, we guarantee a nearly individual approach, keeping the prices affordable for regular stretching routine.


5 reasons why people should be stretching 
1. Realign – you will see an amazing improvement in your mobility and flexibility.
2. Restore and recover sooner from sports and training.
3. Improve circulation and therefore – your quality of life! Stretching increases blood flow which also helps to efficiently deliver nutrients to all parts of your body.
4. Relax your body. Scientifically proven, stretching – release the stress accumulated in your body.  Anxiety and tension will disappear from your muscles and your mind.
5. Improve your coordination.


Who needs to stretch?
Stretching is for everyone. I’m not joking. You can not be inflexible everywhere.
If you’re not naturally flexible — we will find your strong points and tailor the exercises to match your ability and you can improve your flexibility at any age.
If you think stretching is only for the girls — we have bodybuilders and sportsmen addicted to our classes
If you don’t have time — you’ll be done in an hour (and be back for more!)
If you think you are already flexible – lets see if everything is aligned properly.
If you don’t think stretching will help — give it a try and see how much better you feel.
Stretching is one of the best things you can do for your body, mind and spirit.


Unassisted vs Assisted Stretching
We offer unassisted stretching in our group classes and a combination in one-on-one sessions. Our group classes are structured as 5 min warm up, 15 min of strength training with your body weight, 25 min of active stretching and 5 min of cool-down. I see enormous benefits in holding your own stretches, rather than someone stretching it out for you. One massive remark here, stretches have to be held CORRECTLY, therefore we can only sustain small group classes in order to guarantee the correct alignment of our clients. There is no point or benefits (more harm) sitting in a wrongly aligned open split meanwhile not being able to hold yourself up in a lunge with straight back leg. And this is just one example of what can go wrong. Assisted stretching can be very beneficial when the mobility is extremely poor (can also be approached with an unassisted stretching, like on our LIGHT group class), and on the other hand – when you just need those little extra last inches to stretch it out. 


Aero Flex – what is it ?
Aero Flex is our aerial (hammock) stretch class. We do not teach the classic anti-gravity yoga at Stretch Base. Class is designed beginner friendly and concentrated more on stretching rather than any acrobatic movements, therefore clients do not need to attend some sort of preliminary sessions/workshops prior to starting this class. Aero Flex class involves performing stretching exercises while supported by a sling. This technique uses the force of gravity to improve body strength, mobility and conditioning. Aero Flex also counts as a full body workout as it will get your heart pumping. If you like the idea of hanging upside down to release your spine, this class is for you.


What are the benefits of Aero Stretching?
Aero Flex is our magic class. Clients that thought they can never stretch a certain way – perform those stretches on our hammocks. Clients that come nice and fit, doing regular gym workouts – quite often find the strength part of the class very challenging! Muscle groups used during this class – are totally different to your regular workouts. This technique uses the force of gravity to improve body strength, mobility and conditioning. The release of the tension during the Aero Flex class – is just amazing!


What’s your favourite Aero Stretch and why?
I would say that the Inverted Butterfly is the key! Being simple, but so effective. You can do variations of this stretch/release pose making the aerial hammock more or less folded, applying different strength of support to your lower body and spine. It is also very safe – and can be taught to everyone (except certain medical condition.) during the first class.


Tips for mastering the splits. How easy / hard is it?
There are no anatomical ‘stops’ when it comes to the front split. Anyone can develop it. The key is – consistency. There are no prizes for achieving the split the quickest (not that I know of). So, take your time, be consistent and only stretch correctly. I cannot stop stressing on the correct alignment of the stretches. Open front split can result in serious injuries. On the other hand, the correctly square aligned one – can be performed at any age safely. Stretching with professionals is a key – that is why all my trainers at the Stretch Base studio have an extensive sport background, specialising in elite gymnastics, Pilates and flexology techniques.



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